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How A Real Man Should Say Goodbye to His Car

Junk Car
Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash

Every man gets incredibly attached to his car. We are hardwired to feel as if our car is an extension of us. Whether your current car is a gift to yourself on your coveted promotion, or a project that you’ve carried on since your dad gave it to you when you were 16, that car becomes a big part of your life. It is not unknown for  a man to name his car a woman’s name, as if to say it is his one true love. But what do you do when its no longer worth keeping your car.  Look at how real men recycling cars.

However, just as it is with some relationships, sometimes you need to move forward to a new commitment. Maybe your car’s just not acting right anymore. Maybe you’ve just started looking at other pretty ones. Ending this relationship needs a proper tribute. The best way to do it is to sell the car and make another person happy, but there are some crazy ways that men out there are doing it. Check this out.

1. Crush it with a garbage truck

Because why not. Women like manicures we like powerful garbage trucks. The entertainment value on this is incomparable.

2. Shred it

If you’re doing this, make sure you’re sure. There’s no turning back with this one.

3. Blow it up

You might have always wanted to recreate an explosion so you can walk away from it like an action film. This is your chance.

4. Turn it into an aquarium

If you ever find yourself in this guy’s shoes: this is gonna be hard to explain to your wife, so just leave it there in the water.

5. Use heavy machinery

 Because real men like big cranes. Wait what. You know what I mean.

Whatever way you go with to let go of your vehicle, the best way to do it is with the friends who made memories with you in it and some beers.

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