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The Most Popular Apps And Mobile Activities For Men

You’re on the go and your trusted smart phone is your constant companion. Phones these days have gargantuan amounts of memory compared to phones even a few years ago, yet we still have to be selective in the amount of apps we have installed on our phones. What are the essentials that we are using to keep up with the rest of us?


No matter what your mode of transportation, one of these are de rigeur for any phone. This definitely falls under the category of “how did I ever get by without this?” once you are rocking it. Indeed, it’s hard to fathom getting around places such as Boston or London without this technology. The pros recommend Google Maps for the map part of it, and for searching for amenities near you. Waze is better for actual navigation, especially if you are driving a car or other motor vehicle, because it shows police, traffic, etc.


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Maybe not an essential, but life without games would be pretty dull and boring, wouldn’t it? These can be divided into two categories, games for fun and games where you put money down. Use your personal taste and discretion here, but everybody knows it’s more thrilling if you risk something. Also, keep in mind that some casinos offer special bonuses for mobile users. This is definitely something to make it even more worth your while.


Another essential non-essential, few of us could make it through a typical day without our music. You have to decide on streaming vs. downloading (this depends largely on the quality of your phone’s data service). If you are downloading there are tons of options for playing offline music, most people think Google Play tops the list (iPhone owners can download it too, no worries!). If you are streaming, the debate really becomes Spotify vs. Pandora. Both apps have their strengths and weaknesses. Spotify is more customizable whereas Pandora has lots of great unique features and is better at turning you on to music you may never have heard otherwise.

Other apps you may want to consider: ESPN for sports, AirDroid for literally turning a computer into a phone and freeing you temporarily from that clumsy phone screen keyboard, OfferUp or LetGo for selling stuff or buying stuff quickly, if you travel you definitely need the AirBnB app, and don’t forget Google Translate because it can be a lifesaver, and can be set up to work offline.

Happy apping!

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