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Know all about VPN

One thing that matters the most when we try to access any website or web page on the Internet is security of that connection. Have you ever wondered about such secure connection while surfing the Internet? Almost 70-75% of us never think about this. Let’s take an example to see the importance of such connection. You are shopping through an e-commerce website. Suppose if the connection is not secure, it can lead to misuse or theft of your important card information that you just gave while checking out. So, this is where security or secured connections play their role.

It is important to have secured connections when you are accessing the Internet through public networks or hotspots.

Know about VPN or Virtual Public Network

VPN or Virtual Private network is used to make safe connections to the Internet. This kind of network is secured as only the client can access it. VPN basically forms another layer on the public network and access the remote server safely.

This technology flourished when users or clients wanted to use the resources from a remote location. In absence of a secure connection, hackers or other miscreants can put you in danger by stealing your sensitive data and confidential information.  This is when VPN comes rescue and secured connections are established.

How does VPN work?

If you are wondering how VPN works and creates secured connections, let’s get to the technical aspects to understand its application.

Normal Case Scenario without VPN:

Normally, when you establish or try to make a connection with any website or a web page on the Internet, it doesn’t connect directly to that website or web page. It first goes to your ISP (The Internet service Provider) server and from there it connects to the actual website/web page that you try to access. What does this indicate? This clearly says that your ISP can know all about your web/the Internet history. The data is never in the encrypted form.

Scenario with VPN:

If you connect with a website through a VPN or Virtual Private Network then you connect directly to the website through a VPN server and not through your ISP server. The VPN server is always secured and encrypted. So, your data will move through tunnels in an encrypted form.

Everything remains safe and secured between you and your VPN server.

What are the benefits of using VPN server?

  • Your ISP cannot see your data that is being transferred over your network. You can browse and share sensitive information without the fear of losing it.
  • Your ISP cannot see what websites or web pages you are accessing over the Internet. It can only see that you are connected through VPN server.
  • You are safe to connect with public hotspots and networks. The data flows in an encrypted form.
  • Your IP address remains safe and secured as your connection’s real data is safe with VPN server. Even if one wants to hack your connection, it has to ask for the details from the VPN server first.
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  • Another option to protect your online activity is described by Anonymster as you can read here.

What are the VPN protocols?

Protocols may refer to the rules, the Internet connections follow to work. So, do the VPN server connections. Here is the list of various protocols on which VPN connections work.

S. No.ProtocolFeatures
1.       SSL/ Secure Socket LayerØ  The handshake technique between SSL and TLS (Transport Layer Security) ensures safety of data.

Ø  The keys are used to encrypt the date. Only client and server know about these keys. Even if the data is stolen, you need not worry about it.


2.       PPTP/ Point to Point Tunneling ProtocolØ  This supports multi-protocol based VPNs.

Ø  The encryption used is 40 and 128 bit which means that high security and encryption is provided.


3.       The Internet Protocol securityØ  The Internet Protocol Security Protocol or IPsec offers enhanced security.

Ø  The features consist of robust encryption algorithms broad authentication methods.

Ø  It has 2 different encryption modes i.e. the tunnel and the transport.

Ø  What really happens is that the Tunnel mode helps to encrypt the header and payload of every packet. On the other hand, the transport mode encrypts just the payload. This keeps the entire data safe and secured.

Ø  The security keys, passwords etc. can be set up to protect the data over the Internet.


Does VPN safeguards you well?- Well, yes it does. It is 100% reliable way to keep your data and activity safe on the Internet.

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