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JBL Playlist – Ideal Bluetooth Home Office Speaker

The amount of people who either work from home or work flexibly and spend part of their time in a home office is steadily increasing.  And this means more people are looking for top quality equipment to use in their home offices.  One element that adds functionality and fun is the Bluetooth home speaker and the JBL Playlist is an ideal product for this purpose.

Multiroom playlist - JBL Playlist – Ideal Bluetooth Home Office Speaker

Why Bluetooth?

Speakers in the home office isn’t a new idea but the flexibility of Bluetooth speakers has quickly made them a favored product.  For starters, there are no cables to string from the source of music to the speakers as with Hi-Fi systems.  And the portable nature of the speakers also means that if you want to take it out of the home office and place it in the living room or bedroom, this isn’t a problem.

These speakers work in the same way as hands-free devices for using your smartphone in the car or for connecting with ear-pieces.  Once a smartphone is paired with the speaker, it is easy to send music to it.

Benefits of the JBL Playlist

As well as the standard benefits of the Bluetooth speaker, the JBL Playlist comes with a number of additional features.  For starters, it has built-in Chromecast that allows you to play music from your favorites apps through the speakers and control everything from your phone.  Search for a song or artist, play, pause and adjust the volume wherever your phone is.

The list of apps that the system pairs with is impressive.  Top of the list is Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming apps available.  You can easily access your playlists or find something new to listen to through the app.  You can also use Pandora, Google Play Music and TuneIn or iHeartRadio to listen to your favorite radio channels.  There is even the option to listen to podcasts.

High-quality sound

The JBL Playlist offers top quality sound with two 57mm woofers and allows you to listen to the music just as the artist intended it to be heard.  You can also use the speaker to take calls while you are working, instantly silencing the music and allowing you to respond to the call.  Or the speaker can lower the volume while you chat then continue afterwards.

In addition to smartphones, the device will also pair with tablets using iOS or Android as well as both Mac and Windows laptops or Chromebooks.  Any device with a Bluetooth connection can operate with the speaker.

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