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Improve Your Love Life by Revamping Your Texting Skills

It’s no big secret that texting plays a huge role in today’s relationships. Studies show that 90 percent of people in a relationship between the ages of 17 and 25 text their partner at least once a day. Even more impressive is the fact that 20 percent of teens text their partners 30 times or more per hour after school lets out for the day.

Therefore, if you’re looking for someone to love, you’ll definitely need to improve your texting game. According to Pew Research, five percent of married Americans today said they began their relationship with that person online. You better believe these folks spent a lot of time flirting on their smartphones. Use the following tips to amp up your coquetry via texting.

Go Beyond “Hey”

We get it. It’s hard to know what to talk about, especially with someone you’re interested in. You might find yourself too nervous to ask them personal questions, so you stick to something simple, like “Hey” or “Hi.”

Unfortunately, this subtly won’t get you anywhere, especially if your follow-up question is “How are you?” This will produce a cyclical conversation that never goes beyond pleasantries. If you really want to spruce things up, ask her things that will spark a conversation. A girl will never be interested in you if she thinks you only have a five- or six-word vocabulary.

Send Over Selfies

Sending your the person you’re interested in a selfie can be cute, as long as it isn’t creepy. Don’t bombard them with low-light shots of you in the bathroom mirror with your shirt off. Instead, upgrade to an Apple iPhone X for clear portrait mode selfies. With this feature, you can blur the background and sharpen the foreground to make yourself stand out and look even more attractive than usual.

Best of all, the Portrait Lighting feature gives your photo a studio-quality effect to bring out all your handsome features. She won’t be able to stay away. Just one word of advice: Never send over any incriminating pictures unsolicited. Not only will this ruin any chances you have with her, but it’s also a form of sexual harassment.

Interpret Her Reactions

Girls can often be mysterious in their replies, especially if you haven’t developed an understanding of their code. While every woman is different, generally any mention of another man in your conversations means that she isn’t interested and is politely trying to friend-zone you. Don’t flip out, and if you value your friendship, keep texting her just like you would any other pal.

If she’s acting weird, you ask her about it, and she says things are fine, they are most definitely not. Ask her again what’s wrong and let her know that you’re there for her to vent. She’ll see you as supportive and might even fall into your waiting arms. If she’s using “haha” a lot, it means she’s tolerating your attempt at humor, but doesn’t find it that funny. A more genuine reaction would be “hahaha!” or any series of laughing emojis.

Be Yourself

Don’t let your nerves get to you. Just work on being yourself when you text. If possible, try to weave in some of your humor throughout, as making a girl laugh is a sure way to her heart. Maybe even throw in a few innuendos so that she realizes you’d like to be more than friends. Compliment her every chance you get. And of course, always use proper grammar; it will make her feel valued that she’s worth the time to spell out full words.

There’s no sure way to a girl’s heart via messaging. However, by engaging in stimulating conversation, sending selfies, interpreting her texts correctly and being yourself, you’ll be well on your way to scoring a hot date.