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How to Use Social Media to Climb up the Career Ladder

How to Use Social Media to Climb up the Career Ladder
Photo by Tracy Le Blanc: https://www.pexels.com

Gone are the days when all the work involved in getting ahead takes place in the workplace and after-work parties. Performing well is still necessary to make a lasting impression, but as for getting noticed, you have social media.

Read more about the logic behind this and learn how to use it to rise through the ranks.

What Can You Do with Your Social Media Accounts to Propel Your Career?

While there are obvious dangers that social media can bring to your career, it doesn’t have to be that way. Only now do people have this much control over how they’re perceived, so we suggest doing these things to boost the power of your social media profiles to land you your dream job:

Do a General Clean Up

You must first eliminate potential things that your boss or colleagues may find distasteful. A complete deletion may be better if we’re talking about more than just a few posts or pictures.

Don’t treat social media like you would a personal diary. If it’s something you wouldn’t be comfortable with your boss finding out, it should probably stay in the drafts or be removed.  

Select the Most Impactful Platforms

At the very least, you should have a LinkedIn account. This will allow you to build connections within your industry. Like before, networking is still a big part of moving up. This platform will let you make valuable connections.

This doesn’t mean you have to eliminate your other social media accounts. In today’s world, you are your own brand. These can still help make you more relatable and approachable to managers, colleagues, and potential employers.

Share Your Knowledge

There’s nothing wrong with sharing last Sunday’s barbeque with a few friends. But why not mix in a few posts about your expertise once in a while?

This doesn’t have to be an original post. You share your insights on a post someone made or correct misconceptions created by a viral video. 

Is Your Social Media Footprint Really That Important?

Yes. The internet gave recruiters an incredible wealth of information about potential candidates that they could access quickly and easily. It’s incredibly rare for them to dive deep, but what would they see if they tried to look you up on Google?

Gone are the days when interviews are the moment candidates make their first impressions. Today, a simple search can be the difference between getting (and keeping) your job or not getting a callback. Make sure to remove the info you don’t want to appear on Google

Grow Your Career One Post at a Time

Did you know that even as early as 2014, top-level managers had already spent time on social media? The amount of time they spend doing this has only increased since, which means they’re even more likely to notice your social media presence.

Done right, social media will be just the edge you need to land that sought-after promotion or that massive salary increase. The tools that you need are already here. It’s just a matter of using them to their full potential.

Featured Photo by Tracy Le Blanc: https://www.pexels.com