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How to Get More Real Instagram Followers

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Is it still possible to increase followers on Instagram without resorting to Bots and sponsorships? Yes, just be organized and follow a precise strategy. One of the greatest desires of the new digital users is to become popular and live the life of the Influencers made of beaches, paid dinners, and invitations in every area of ​​the city. But to become one, you need to have a fan base of active followers who comment, like, and stalk your stories at any time of the day. How to increase followers on Instagram with the help of this website. Here are some tips, especially if you are at the beginning of the adventure. Let’s get into it!

The first impression is important.

The profile photo, the bio text, and the link are really very important. It’s like when you exchange business cards. You have to make it clear “who you want to be.” Let’s explain it better. For instance, you are from the travel sector, do not mix your content from Fashion Blogger. Decide who you want to be on Instagram, write your bio accordingly. 

The hashtags you put in your bio will be the way people find you, so choose them carefully.

Here are examples of real-life. We tested the insertion of a geolocation tag in one of our profiles (e.g., Los Angeles), and all the new followers, especially those who view the stories, are profiles from the same location.

Also, don’t forget to insert a UTM in the bio link to monitor how many people click and track them on Google Analytics. To do this, go to Google UTM and insert the link, campaign Source: Social, Campaign Source: Instagram, Campaign Name: * topic name *, and then create a short link with the new URL on one of the many free services that are online (for example Bitly).

Let everyone know, even on other social networks.

You will almost certainly have a Facebook account in addition to an Instagram account. So do not forget to connect them and share the photos in both profiles, so you will be able to let all your Facebook friends know that you are on Instagram, who will receive a notification as soon as you have connected.

Use Lightroom or another photo editor.

The difference between one photo and another is not only determined by its content. There are entire studies on how colors influence psychology and also for the Instagram Feed; the reasoning does not change. Download Lightroom or any other photo post-production editor to increase brightness and use low saturation. Choose your color pattern, create a consistent feed.

Don’t use the most popular tags. Leave them to novices

The choice of hashtags in the caption is crucial to reaching new people outside your followers. If you use only the most popular ones, you will compete with almost all Instagram users, who are 894,900,000 (Source DataReportal Digital2019 in collaboration with WeAreSocial and Hootsuite). So what hashtags should we use to increase Instagram followers? Remember to always use local hashtags, events you participate in, and take inspiration from other users who have little more followers than you.

Be the Instagram Bot of yourself but more creative and free.

Follow other users with similar interests, comment, and like in their photos. Become an active user who says what he thinks, going beyond “what a beautiful photo, very interesting,” look at the stories and comment on them with a direct message. The goal is to create real interactions and to receive them in return. Don’t just select great profiles. They will already have a thousand people commenting, and it is unlikely that they will reciprocate.

The perfect time is from 2 to 5 pm: not exactly

The perfect time can be set only by looking at the insights of your account, consulting them; you will know exactly what the right time to publish is.

Publish from 3/5 contents diluting them over time, with more than 30 minutes of posting. Instagram followers have a tendency to use this social media in every free moment, even just to browse a couple of stories and then return to their work, or in the gym, or at dinner with friends. So dilute the content and always be present.

How to Get More Real Instagram Followers
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Harness the power of Instagram Stories

Stories used in a creative way can convey traffic to your profile, intrigue users to bring them, and see your latest post. Don’t forget that even in Stories, you can add places and hashtags, so use the right ones with the same advice written above to increase followers on Instagram.

Tips: Want to use multiple hashtags? Hide them under a sticker!

Make your Instagram followers become influencers.

Why should you reward those who already follow you? If you are reading this guide, it is to have more followers on Instagram, not to say goodbye to those already conquered.

But remember one thing: the power of word of mouth. 

If each of your followers spoke about you, their small audience could potentially be yours too. Now your effort is to involve them in such a way as to make you talk about you in their stories. In addition to the stories, there are other methods to increase Instagram followers using organic and/or paid feed. Here are two methods:

  • Create a contest on Instagram
  • Get them to participate in a survey on Instagram 
  • Create a giveaway on Instagram with a catchy prize.

Are you part of the marketing team of an agency or a Brand? Then you can request a free demo of the ‘EasyPromos’ platform to create online legal contests and also in line with the GDPR. Many wonder how to follow on Instagram without knowing the opportunities and risks of homemade initiatives. Asking for an opinion on how to create a contest on Instagram does not cost anything, really.

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