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How to Get EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for gadgets

EaseUS data recovery wizard free recognizes the near death feeling that creeps up on you in that moment when you realize you might have just accidentally lost important data from your gadgets. There is no worse feeling especially if the data is time sensitive and there is no way you can get it one more time. Well that is what you might be tempted to think but it is not always the case. Data can always be retrieved, especially if it has not been overwritten.  All you will need is file recovery software and that’s where EaseUS data recovery wizard free comes in.

This free data recovery software is the solution for all your data mishaps. The key word with EaseUS Recovery Wizard Free is that it is free. Using this file recovery software, you can get back data from your PC, laptop or even removable devices such as hard disks, USB drives or memory cards. If it’s a device that is able to store data of any kind then rest assured that with this software that data can always be recovered.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Some of the data loss situations from which this data recovery software can help you regain your data include accidentally deleted files, emptied recycle bins, malware or virus attack, formatted recovery, hard disk damage, lost partition recovery, OS crash and RAW partition recovery. The process of recovery of the lost files involves three simple steps that just about anyone can correctly carry out. These steps are:

  1. Downloading the file recovery software and installing it on the computer that has lost data and then launching it as an administrator so that you can see the software’s main interface.
  2. Selecting the location from which you have lost data and click on “scan”. This will run for a few minutes
  3. Once the scan is finished, the software will show all the data that may have been removed. From these, select the ones that you want back and click on “recover “ to save them on the computer’s hard drive

The file recovery software also has scanning modes that will the deleted files using a basic algorithm while the deeper scan mode goes sector by sector to make sure that you get better results. In addition, you can preview the recovered files before they are finally restored. This gives you an option to choose what you need to recover and what should stay deleted.

The free data recovery software allows you to recover well over 100 types of files in different formats ranging from videos, to graphics, documents or audios, emails and even archive files such as ZIP, RAR or SIT.

Some of the benefits that come with EaseUS data recovery wizard free include:

  • It is easy and efficient to use as the whole file recovery process can be completed in 3 simple clicks
  • It is compatible with a variety of devices and operating systems
  • You can easily use it to undelete files, and
  • Most importantly you don’t need any kind of technical recovery experience to use it

With the free version, users can recover up to 500MB of data and increase their limit by sharing the software to their social media.