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How Can I Download Content from Instagram Using Third-Party Applications?

How Can I Download Content from Instagram Using Third-Party Applications?
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How can you use the Instagram video downloader story?

Today we live in the era of social networks and instant messengers. Almost every person has an account in which we communicate with friends, share the brightest moments of our lives, and post our photos, videos, etc. At the same time, the networks and instant messengers themselves exist in a huge variety. The most popular ones are Facebook, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Twitter, and others. The most popular social network in the world today is Instagram, which, according to the resource itself, has about 2 billion registered users today. At the same time, these social networks are constantly competing for the users themselves and for their personal time. Developers are constantly adding new features and tools to their applications. So, in 2016, Instagram added the ability to shoot stories, which brought this social network wildly popular. However, at the same time, you can’t just save the story you like. To do this, you will have to download third-party tools such as the Instagram video downloader story. In addition, you also cannot view the stories you like anonymously. As a result, you will also need a special application with the “Invisible instagram story downloader” function for this.

The need to download a story from Instagram appeared almost immediately after the appearance of this functionality. Because photos and short videos posted to Instagram Stories are automatically deleted the day after they are posted and cannot be recovered unless you take care of them in advance.

There is no way to bookmark the story or send it to your page to come back to later, and the user will definitely notice the fact that you have viewed their content.

Third-party Applications

However, third-party applications can easily help you with this.


Inflact is a universal tool for expanding the capabilities of your account. You can not only download stories and photos but also conduct activity analytics, automate hashtags, and so on.

Save Live IG Story

The extension adds a story download button to each line. A Batch video download is provided. The user can save the clips he likes to the hard drive of the computer.

ReShare Story

The ReShare app allows you to export your own stories or other users’ feeds from the social network. The saved photos and videos have the same quality as the original files.

In addition to the basic free version, a Pro modification is available, which has an extended set of functions. The application requires the operating system iOS 11.0 and higher. The distribution size is 34.3 MB.


The application is designed to download any content from Instagram. It requires an Android 5.0 operating system or higher. To save the information, you must copy the link and specify the information on the command line. The utility has built-in media players. You can download multiple data streams.

Instagram story
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Socialkit is an Instagram account management software package. The software includes conversation management, delayed posting, bulk likes, bulk views, bulk following, and bulk account management.

A separate tool of Socialkit is the ability to download videos, photos, and stories from Instagram. In order to download a photo or video from the feed, you need to provide a link to the publication and download the publication to your device.


You can use Zengram’s Instaspy to download Instagram information and track your followers. The service is interesting in that you can not only download the stories of any user but arrange real surveillance: track subscriptions, unsubscribes, and other user actions on the social network.

After registering on the portal, you must specify the name of the page. All available stories are uploaded to your personal account. The service is paid, and Instagram users are not notified about the fact of downloading Stories. The user who viewed or downloaded the story remains anonymous.


When uploading data, please take into account copyright. The Instagram administration considers the use of other people’s photos without the consent of the owner to be in violation of the rules and threatens sanctions up to blocking the account.


Although Instagram does not provide a direct opportunity to download the content you like, however, with the help of third-party applications, you can easily expand the functionality of the application and make its use more convenient for you.

Featured Photo by Oleg Magni : Pexels