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How to Get the Perfect Valentine’s Present for the Lady in Your Life

Buying the Perfect Valentine’s Present can be a bit of a minefield for guys.  There’s the problem where if you buy her chocolate and she’s watching her diet, you are in trouble.  And buying beauty products can be risky unless you have a good idea of what she likes.  Flowers are a good bet but sometimes a little uninspiring.  So here we have some ideas to help you find those best Valentine’s Present for the lady in your life.

Make a booking not a gift

Going places on Valentine’s Day can often be a bit more expensive than at other times of the year.  So why not consider making a booking for a little after the day that you can dress up in a nice envelope and make into a gift?  Staying in a hotel is always a nice option or if you are both more interested in what you do rather than where you stay, Motel 6 offers some good options.  They often offer online coupons that can mean you get a good price for a night or two away from home and if you pair it with a fancy restaurant or an activity you both love, then it will be a winner.

Something sparkly

Buying jewelry as a Valentines present can be a little difficult if you aren’t completely sure about her tastes but buying quality costume jewelry is a great middle ground.  Swarovski crystals are known around the world and offer lots of simple, understated pieces that have the most sparkle you can get.  A heart-shaped pendant on a nice chain is a classic Valentine’s Day gift but can also be worn at other times of the year and always reminds her of your love.


Practical yet special

You can sometimes go for a practical present that is also something special.  An example of this are personalized passport covers – if the two of you have taken a trip together that was special, you can have the details added to the case.  Often there are his and hers styles that you can add the date, location and a little message onto the front so every time she goes anywhere, she remembers that special vacation.


Flowers still work

And if you are reading this a little late in the day and realize that you haven’t got that special something for the lady in your life, then flowers still work.  Nothing tells her you to love her like a bouquet of red roses or you can go for something colorful and fun if that’s a little serious.  Teleflora offer same-day delivery on flowers so you can get them to her before the end of the day and keep yourself in her good books!


Perfect Valentine’s Present Conclusion

If you ask most women, getting a Valentine’s Day gift isn’t so much about what they receive but that you show them you love them by giving them something heartfelt.  And if all else fails, then some chocolates and a bottle of wine can always be called on to help show your affection.