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Essential Tech Accessories when Travelling

Technology and travelling have become one and the same over recent years, with the idea of holidays as a means of escape from annoyances like our mobile devices almost a thing of the past. Now we rely heavily on using our tech to record our best moments, to connect with contacts across the globe, to browse the net, and so much more. Like it or not, it would seem there is no getting away from our technology, and undoubtedly not many of us would want to. Therefore, if you’re intending to travel in the near future, it’s best to travel smart and invest in some essential tech.

Power Banks


Keeping our phones charged is as important as breathing for many users, which is why having a backup source of power whenever you need it is crucial when on the move. These electrical hubs use long life batteries to ensure you have power to hand when you most need it, and while some makes are more successful at retaining their power than others, the vast majority will remain charged for several weeks at a time. One bank that scores high on many gadget lists is the Zendure A2 a powerful yet conveniently portable power source. Tech like this is of particular use for those of you who watch films, play games, and listen to music via your smartphone.

Finger Grips

Not to be confused with gripmasters, finger grips are a necessary extra that all mobile users, regardless of what they use their devices for, should have. These tiny accessories can often be overlooked, and yet they are invaluable for using your mobile for long periods at a time. Finger grips allow you to extend your thumb reach further, while securing your phone to avoid any nasty accidents. That means every flick of your finger and tap of the screen when playing on top mobile sites like LadyLucks can be done comfortably, with ease. Allowing you to daydream about striking it lucky and attending exclusive tournaments like the Roulette Masters, after all those times hearing people say “there was no event like this one”. Whatever your gaming fix, avid gamers need this.

Screen Protectors


Although they are probably the more mundane of accessories, they shouldn’t be forgotten as they can save your smartphones from damage that would otherwise put a swift end to enjoying your tech while away from home. There are a wide variety of protectors to choose from depending on your needs and budget; if you want something extremely cheap and to offer the bare minimum of protection, then any plastic screen cover will suffice. For a little more security and peace of mind when traveling, you can use a privacy screen protector to cover random individuals from peeping on your screen. However, if you want to feel more assured that your phone can handle tougher wear and tear, then something like the InvisibleShield is better suited to you.

Retractable USB Cables

The idea of carrying around tangled wires all day doesn’t sound like fun, and yet cables are your lifeline for when your phone is charging, or if you want to import some photographs onto your computer. That’s why retractable USBs are so useful: you can keep them in your bag or your car and they won’t get tangled up, meaning you can speedily use them when they’re needed most. While not the most glamorous of accessories, they are important necessities that will always be of use.

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