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Give The Gift of Never Having To Vacuum or Mop This Father’s Day

There are two things all guys want: personal robots and flying cars.

I can’t lie. Since flying cars are still a many years away, this is my attainable dream product. A robot that cleans up your place for you is basically the dream of all men living the bachelor lifestyle. But you know how some “dreams-come-true” don’t live up to your expectations? Like a first date with a longtime crush or a new sequel to your favorite film franchise from your youth? That was my fear for the DEEBOT OZMO 610 Vacuum Cleaning Robot. I was worried it might be a let down. Thankfully I don’t have to write anything negative because this robot rocks. The ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 610 is like your very own BB-8 with mad cleaning skills.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner DEEBOT OZME610 8 - Give The Gift of Never Having To Vacuum or Mop This Father's Day

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The Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Featuring an intelligent new mopping system, interchangeable suction options, and a powerful vacuum with effective brushes, this very smart little guy can tackle bare floors with ease and can also dominate carpets like a boss.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner DEEBOT OZME610 1 1024x527 - Give The Gift of Never Having To Vacuum or Mop This Father's Day

It features an edge mode for cleaning in corners and an auto mode general cleaning mode for everyday housework challenges. If you have stubborn legacy dirt, you can always use the max vacuum mode. DEEBOT also features a spot cleaning mode for specific spot cleaning tasks. ECOVACS is a smart company.

It’s 2018, so obviously this bad boy can be controlled entirely from your hand held device.

DEEBOT OZME610 app 1024x527 - Give The Gift of Never Having To Vacuum or Mop This Father's Day

Simply go to the Android app store on your smartphone or tablet and get the ECOVACS Android app or itunes store ECOVACS Apple app for the in order to schedule times for cleaning, establish cleaning modes, check in on the status cleaning status of the robot, and more. Above and beyond all of this, ECOVACS is now compatible with the Amazon Alexa. This is a significant move forward. It means that you can finally have a fully integrated automated home experience. Alexa meet DEEBOT. I just know you guys are going to be best friends forever!

The key to the success and efficiency of this nifty robot is its vacuum and mop combo.

Vacuum Cleaner DEEBOT OZME610 13 - Give The Gift of Never Having To Vacuum or Mop This Father's Day

This feature allows the DEEBOT OZMO 610 to provide a deep clean of your home, loft, flat, or office space with fewer misses. It’s like having your own maid but without having to pay an hourly wage and with less potential for miscommunication or lawsuits! And you don’t have to worry about DEEBOT OZMO 610 taking a nasty spill down the staircase. It’s got a built-in sensor system that means it’s less likely to fall down the stairs than some clumsy human you found on craigslist! The interchangeable suction inlet allows for a variety of cleaning options. The V-shaped brush is ideal for carpets and lifting up dirt, and hairs, dirt, debris are no trouble at all for this automated whiz. Its direct suction inlet will gather up hairs without creating tangles or hairballs. From hardwood to linoleum to carpet, There really is no surface this little guy can’t clean. This is one robot that is welcome in my home anytime!

ECOVACS provided this robot for review purposes. All opinions expressed are our own.

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