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Connected Grooming and Bathroom Tech

Just because you’re in the shower, doesn’t mean you can’t be connected, right? Spot on, actually. Bathroom products and internet technology have integrated to such an extent that virtually anything seems possible now. Whether you’re getting ready for a wild night out with the guys, or a quiet night in with the girlfriend, there’s no need to miss out on anything while you’re in the bathroom.

Digital downtime

Step inside the shower and stay in full control of the experience with a digital wireless shower system. Using LCD or LED illuminated shower panels, you can control the shower temperature, water flow, spray intensity and steam levels. Set your personal preferences and save them for next time, and add separate user settings for the missus too. Choose soft lighting or even coloured lighting options, and add music to your bath time too.

Of course, all of it can be activated via remote control, so your shower is ready and waiting when you are. Here’s a great example.

Listen up


The Kohler Moxie Showerhead is so much more than it says on the tin – it’s got a wireless speaker! Stream you favourite tunes, sports coverage or the latest news straight into your shower.

High quality audio control is managed via a paired Bluetooth enabled device such as an mp3 player, smartphone or tablet. The speaker pops out for charging via USB after 7 hours of playtime, then neatly slots back in – straight into the showerhead where a strong magnet ensures a secure hold.

The only thing missing from this genius gadget is a microphone so you can take calls while you’re in the shower. For that, you would need The SlingShot Speaker – a wireless water-resistant bluetooth speaker you can take in the shower and use to stream audio and receive phone calls.

Watch closely

Fancy watching TV while you’re taking a shower? A high quality waterproof online bathroom TV from Aquavision could be the answer. The super sleek flat panel LED screen comes in 19-40 inch sizes and a choice of black, white or mirrored glass. Connect effortlessly to your mobile devices and media services and stream music, TV, video or anything you like!

Why not go a step further and get a bespoke solution, so you get exactly what you want? Using MirrorVision+ reflective technology, it’s possible to seamlessly integrate your TV monitor and bathroom mirror. When switched off, the TV image disappears and the mirror appears as normal. Turn the TV on and the image on the glass is crystal clear. Magic.

Man in the mirror


And on that topic, take a look into the Magic Mirror for the ultimate in bathroom geekery. Manufacturers Mirum have taken IoT technology to the next level to create a remarkable, immersive and engaging digital experience. Also known as ‘cybertecture’, the combination of architecture with internet technology have produced a conventional bathroom mirror with programmable apps and a clean digital display of your favourite gadgets. It’s huge.

Magic Mirror 2.0 uses voice command, gesture and face recognition to be picked up by the camera behind the one-way mirror, in addition to wireless smartphone control. Play music or movies, read ebooks or news updates. Watch YouTube or check your text messages while you’re shaving…

Finishing touches


Got a tattoo? Want one? If you’re not sure, try Moodinq, the programmable tattoo system that lets you chop and change the design on your skin. After a minor surgical procedure to implant an E ink canvas grid onto the desired surface location on your body, use the moodINQ software and wand to choose and ink your design. It’s a breakthrough in tattoo technology, which means that the displayed image can be changed whenever you like (even to no image!). Think of the epidermal canvas as a sort of digital picture frame that you can customise however and whenever you like.


Finally, even if you’re not overly bothered about interior bathroom design trends on the whole, this one is sure to make you sit up and beg: bathroom fridges. Yep, that’s right, integrating a mini fridge into vanity units or bathroom cabinets is now becoming increasingly popular. Clearly, they’re meant for storing medicines or expensive skincare products but: chilled lager, anyone?


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