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Easy Steps to Pick the Right Tripod

What is the right tripod? Is it an expensive one? Or is it a lightweight one? Getting the right tripod is not that easy as it seems to be. You can’t just buy an expensive one or the cheapest one and hope it will fit your camera/smartphone perfectly.

One of the things you have to think of when looking for the equipment is the type of vlogging you do. Do you film on the go? Are you a lifestyle vlogger? Do you vlog with a smartphone? Never skip answering all of these questions in order to pick the best tripod for vlogging, which is going to serve you for years. So, here are a few useful recommendations you can follow before buying a new camera stand.


How to Pick the Right Vlogging Stand

There are lots of tripod models on the market that have different prices as well as manufacturers. They almost don’t differ in quality or durability. Usually, the models with the same prices have the same quality.

With a vlogging stand, pay attention to the size of the camera/smartphone it is designed for. This type of equipment is created to provide excellent support.

All tripods have a variety of features depending on the material they are made of. Here are some tips on how to choose a proper one:

  • If you are a beginner, don’t start with big, heavy, and expensive models. Look for the compact ones. Those models are created for a small equipment only. You are always recommended to choose a camera first. And only then, you can start looking for a vlogging stand that fits it perfectly. For example, Joby GorillaPod is one of the popular compact models.
  • Another option is to get a larger tripod with a rotatable center column for a heavier equipment and professionally made content. But it is not a lightweight version. This model isn’t convenient for travel vloggers, who carry their equipment with them while exploring the world. Especially, if they travel by plane or bike.
  • The material is also very important. The wooden tripods are definitely the best ones. Wood transmit fewer vibrations to the camera. But a wooden model is very heavy and expensive. It is used by professionals only. Another great material is carbon. Carbon models are very popular among professionals too because of their main advantage – weight. Those carbon camera stands are easy to carry around all day long. The best selling material is metal. Metal models are widely made as they are cheap.

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So, what to buy if you are a beginner vlogger who doesn’t sure about making videos for YouTube regularly? Start with the cheapest models in a store. But the cheapest doesn’t mean the tripod of the worst quality. Read the reviews before and decide, which one is going to provide maximum support. If you have a YouTube channel for a while and own a bigger camera, look for a more qualitative equipment to invest in.

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