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Augmented Reality: A Digital Layer over the Real World for Fun and Productivity

Media outlets all around are speaking of virtual reality as a technology that will revolutionize entertainment. Of course, it has its shortcomings – for one, it obstructs the view of the real world, placing its users into a totally immersive digital realm. This sounds like fun, of course, but one can’t spend one’s whole life inside a digital world, even if it’s a procedurally generated infinite universe la Hello Games’ “No Man’s Sky”. Luckily, VR has a little sister that comes with many everyday uses that can make us more productive but can also be a lot of fun. It’s called augmented reality (AR), and it has some exciting new products coming up.


Lampix – as its name suggests – will be a lamp. Not just any lamp, though – aside from its multi-colored LED lights, it will incorporate a digital camera, a high-definition projector, as well as a computer to control all of the above, and it will be able to turn any surface into a touchscreen.

Basically, Lampix will be able to turn any flat surface into an interactive display. Using it, you will be able to read your emails, capture your documents, visit your favorite mobile pokies guide if you need to, and even collaborate with others using the same technology. It will be able to recognize objects, too, scan documents, and sync their images seamlessly in the cloud. Lampix will be an enhancement to your productivity, and so much more:


Getting a tattoo is a big decision. There are so many models to choose from, it hurts to get it, and it’s also painful to be removed if you change your mind. What if you could try on any tattoo model before the needle first touches your skin?

This is where Inkhunter comes in, an augmented reality app that lets you try any tattoo in real time.

Inkhunter is a free app that lets you try on any tattoo before even going to the parlor. All you’ll have to do is select a design, draw a symbol on your skin, in the area where you want to be inked, and point your phone’s camera toward it. The design you selected will appear on the marked area, and you’ll be able to capture a photo of it from various directions. The photos can be saved or shared to social media for others to see.

Cycle with a HUD

Fitness trackers are not new – there are many devices tracking your vitals, the distance you ran or biked, your speed, and so on. But how many of them place the information in front of you in real time? Well, Everysight’s Raptor cycling glasses will do just that.

The Raptor AR glasses will be able to give you directions, show you your current speed, monitor your vitals, and even record your trip in HD (with sound). All this without being bulky or obstructive.