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All you need to know about Address Auto-complete API

Address Auto-complete API
Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

All you need to know about Address Auto-complete API

Finding a specific address can be tricky in new places and stressful if you need to reach somewhere urgently. Instances like this can lead to the individual typing in the wrong address due to false keystrokes. Address Auto-complete API provides useful  functionally in such cases. 

It is a web feature that suggests addresses once typed into a form, making data submission faster and easier. Address auto-complete is a crucial part of all data governance strategies. If you are a developer and are looking for a reliable address auto-complete API, look here.

Address Auto-complete API
Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

With correct implementation, auto-complete can help in:

  • Simplifying the checkout processes by eliminating shipping and billing keystroke information.
  • Reducing cart abandonment rates and minimizing shopper fatigue.
  • Eliminating typographical errors.
  • Standardizing the addresses to local post authority format.
  • Validating real and mailable addresses.

Considerations to follow for Individuals Selecting an Address Auto-complete API

All users have different requirements when using API. Some standard features should be considered regardless of your needs when looking for API.

1. Geo-location:

The universal goal of auto-complete is the accuracy and correctness of the inserted address. An auto-complete with a geo-location feature approximates the individual’s location based on their IP address.

This feature allows the auto-complete to suggest the locations near the geographic location of the address entered. This will allow easy and accurate selection of the site. The absence of this feature in an auto-complete API can lead to the individual typing in more characters to find the required address.

This also prevents typographical errors. When an individual has to type more characters to find a specific address, the chances of missing a character are relatively higher.

2. Secondary Units:

Some auto-complete APIs provide one with only the primary address and not the secondary units of the lesson. This means that the address of an apartment building may show up, but no apartment number. 

Accuracy is essential for shopping mails, delivering food, or any maintenance service. An API with this feature allows the individuals to find the required addresses accurately.

3. Post Offices

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Another significant issue that comes with the secondary unit addresses in auto-complete is the handling of post offices. Unfortunately, many auto-complete APIs do not offer suggestions when a post office box number is entered. This can hinder the shipments. 

Testing an API with a few post office addresses is a recommendable way to determine if it is reliable or not. 

4. Standardization and Validation

A critical issue to consider during auto-complete evaluation is standardizing and validating the suggestions according to the official postal format. A few auto-completes do not return the addresses with the same form. 

This can lead to a delay in shipments and even result in losing packages. A service that standardizes and validates the addresses allows an overall better user experience. 

5. Real Addresses

Most auto-completes provide the complete address on the hypothetical location of the actual location. Such auto-completes can also cause hindrance in finding the required address. 

You can check an auto-complete for this feature by typing in the address but altering a minor detail, such as a digit in the apartment number.