Home Advice A Comprehensive Review of Camera Gimbal Hohem iSteady MT2

A Comprehensive Review of Camera Gimbal Hohem iSteady MT2

A Comprehensive Review of Camera Gimbal Hohem iSteady MT2

Welcome to an in-depth review of the Hohem iSteady MT2. As a tech aficionado and travel enthusiast, I’m always eager to test gadgets that can help capture my adventures. Today, I’ll be sharing my comprehensive review of the iSteady MT2 gimbal kit from the famous smartphone gimbal brand – Hohem. This device is packed with promising and exciting features. Its AI Tracker is a standout innovation that I believe every photography enthusiast should not miss.

The camera model that I frequently use is Sony FX3, but for an in-depth test, I also incorporated the Canon EOS R8 and LUMIX S5II. Thanks to its compactness, lightweight nature, and distinctive AI tracking feature, the MT2 truly stands out as an impressive piece of equipment in the gimbal market.


According to Hohem official, this camera gimbal kit offers broad compatibility, allowing it to be applied with action cameras, mobile phones, and even mirrorless cameras, alongside all the necessary accessories and attachments. I have tried this gimbal using my three cameras. All perform well. I have also placed my iPhone 13 on it. Perfectly matched.

Payload Capacity & Endurance

The MT2 can handle the highest payload of 1200 grams. In my testing, it comfortably carried the Sony FX3 plus Sony Zeiss FE 55mm ƒ/1.8, weighing 995 grams. And my Canon EOS R8 is lighter. The MT2 carried it easily.

Additionally, the device provides an impressive battery life of up to seventeen hours, although this can vary in demanding situations. In my experience, the battery remained over 2/3 full even after several hours of use.

Design & Ergonomics

The Hohem MT2 Gimbal embodies an ergonomic design. All its features – the axis locks, joystick, screen, and wheel – are positioned strategically, offering a user-friendly experience right out of the box.

Furthermore, it comes with a high-quality, padded carrying case that provides ample space for all accessories, along with some room for extra camera components, catering to photographers on the go.

I have to praise that the MT2 is really a lightweight gimbal. Even my son, who is seven years old, can easily hold this gimbal in his palm. He always complained that my other pieces of equipment were heavy.

Ease of Setup

Ease of use

The MT2 is not just user-friendly; it’s easy to set up as well. The locks on every axis allow movement when the gimbal is off, preventing the camera from spinning and aiding in the premier setup. Balancing the gimbal is relatively simple, and the provided instructions guide you smoothly through the entire process.

Smart Features

 One of the standout features of the Hohem MT2 Gimbal Kit is its AI tracking that supports hand gestures. It offers a magnetic AI tracker that ensures a smooth, accurate follow, making it easier for beginners or solo content creators to use.

The MT2 also supports a Timelapse option and allows for the adjustment of motor speed and sensitivity via the Hohem Joy phone app. Further enhancing its convenience is the LED light with two modes, CCT and RGB, which can be adjusted for brightness levels from 1% to 100%.


In operation, the MT2 offers four main modes: PF (pan and follow), PTF (pan tilt follow), “All Lock” or “L,” and POV (point of view). It also includes a Sports Mode, ideal for fast-paced moments, and a mode button to auto-calibrate the gimbal for optimal performance.

This gimbal works seamlessly across modes and offers a smooth transition from native to vertical formats, courtesy of its quick-release system built into the bracket.

Compatibility with Mirrorless Cameras

The Hohem MT2 offers extensive compatibility with mirrorless cameras from brands like Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and FujiFilm, either through a cable or Bluetooth. Moreover, it allows for the focus wheel, CCT/RGB switch, and roll control operations via the control wheel.

Pros & Cons

Summarizing my experience, the Hohem iSteady MT2 scores highly for its easy setup, responsive modes, AI tracking, reliability, and weight tolerance. My minor criticism is that it might require re-calibration if left idle overnight.

The Hohem MT2 kit is an excellent pick for those shooting with a lighter setup, for example, a Panasonic G9, ZV-E10, Sony FX30, or GH5II. However, be mindful to keep your camera and accessories combination below its limit of 1200 grams.

In conclusion, the MT2 is a worthy investment for travel shoots due to its versatility, lightweight, and impressive AI sensor. And even those who move up to a more professional mirrorless camera will find this kit immensely useful.