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5 Reasons Why a Fast Internet Connection Is Important

Internet connections have been improving by huge leaps and bounds for the past couple of years. We were once restricted to using dial-up phone connections that made horrible beeps and buzzes just to connect us to the internet, but now we’ve almost completely phased those out and replaced them with affordable and faster broadband connections. Now it looks like it’s broadband’s turn to exit the building as the availability of fibre optic connections is swarming over the world.

Fibre optic connections boast incredible speeds compared to their broadband counterparts, but is the extra speed worth the additional costs? Read on to find out more.

  1. Everything becomes smoother

If you hate videos that buffer or having to kick your friends off the wireless internet when they visit because your videos start to slow down and jerk around, then you’re probably suffering from low speeds. A fast internet connection can handle multiple people at the same time. With a fibre optic connection, you can have dozens of people connecting to your internet router and watching videos without any slowdowns or hitches.

  1. It’s easy to install and is only a little more expensive

Many major metro areas around the world have the infrastructure to support superfast fiber optic speeds. Since you’re going to be paying for line rental anyway with your phone, it doesn’t cost much more to pay for a fiber optic connection. In fact, the only reason a lot of people still have regular broadband speeds is that fiber optic isn’t available in their area yet. Many internet service providers offer faster speeds for the same price as long as it’s available in the area, so you could end up paying just a little more for much faster speeds. If you live in a rural area where choice is limited, one of the starlink internet plans might be a good option for you.

  1. Gaming is more fun


Gaming is a huge part of anyone’s life and the best way to experience it is with a fast internet connection. If you experience constant disconnections, slow download speeds and people complain that you teleport around when they try to fight you, then it’s probably caused by a slow internet connection or a bad internet service provider.

  1. It opens up high-quality streaming

Streaming has taken over our television boxes and cable subscriptions, but the quality is rather questionable if you watch it on a high-quality television screen. Many online services are starting to roll out 4K streaming and even YouTube has a couple of 8K videos available. If you want to experience these on your expensive television, then you’ll need an internet connection that is capable of streaming those high-quality videos.

  1. Work more efficiently

If you need to do research, work or if you run a business from home, then a fast internet connection will be your best companion. The faster upload speeds means that you can upload large files at a much faster speed than before. Large files include videos, pictures and backups of important documents. These files can then be accessed from the cloud, meaning that you don’t need to purchase many additional hard drives or USB drives to store your data and it can be kept safe on a remote server.