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5 Must-Have Tools For Video Making

5 Must-Have Tools for Video Making
Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

Video editing is the most important process in creating a video. To make a video, you also need to know which tools to choose from a huge variety.

In the era of digital technology and social media, the video format is becoming more and more popular. This also applies to blogging, creating music videos, and hosting webinars. Most videos on the Internet are entertainment content. Thousands of them on completely different topics are published every day: from videos of daily life, travel videos, or cooking to building houses with your own hands and repairing cars. Also, do not forget about the use of video for informational and commercial purposes. Such videos allow companies or entrepreneurs to demonstrate a product, present service and show the process of production from the inside.

Large online stores like best video editing monitor have long adopted video content. Now all significant products are accompanied by a demo video, which perfectly complements the text description and photo. Entrepreneurs use reviews, news, and ads placed on website pages and distributed on social networks. Many of these videos go viral, driving traffic and increasing sales.

Many marketers claim that video content is becoming the most important marketing tool. They also are increasingly reporting positive results from working with it. We all know that video content is highly effective and well-received by the audience. But to make good content, you need to know how to make videos, convert videos, and compress video files.

In today’s world, the skills of a video editor can be useful to almost anyone. Video editing is an exciting and creative process. But novice videographers should consider some details. It often happens when you watch a video on the Internet. You wonder how the author was able to make certain technical features. And so, we bring you the top 5 tools for creating great video content.

1.VN Video Editor

Where should you start the video editing process? Definitely from a video editor.

This application is primarily for video editing, but it includes basic tools for editing photos as well. It is positioned as a professional mobile video editor, although not all functions are present for this purpose. Completely free and even without in-app purchases. It is considered a useful tool among video bloggers. More than 20 filters, plus video transitions and cool video effects with the ability to import your own.

In addition to the basic functions, acceleration, and cropping, the zoom feature should be noted because not every video application has it. In general, VN has a user-friendly interface that looks like a full-fledged video editor for a computer.

Video editing
Image by mchiroque from Pixabay

A big plus for the app is exporting a finished video with no watermarks in the free version. It allows you to save video even in 4K without any problems. Creativity can also be shared in the built-in social network of the app.

Available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

2.Movavi Video Converter

Once you’ve shot your footage and edited the video, it’s time to upload it to the Internet. However, a small problem may await you here: the website or other device does not support the format of your file.

Being an easy-to-use and user-friendly video converter, the program can convert various extensions to send the resulting file to any device. There is a clip editor as well. You can use unique special effects, crop and merge video, and save it in any format to your hard drive. The program can configure the desired multimedia parameters, adapt files for YouTube and other social networks. The converter’s functionality includes an online search for subtitles and a built-in option that makes it possible to evaluate how the final video will look after converting it to the required format. Moreover, the conversion of multimedia is almost instantaneous. You can enjoy all the Movavi Video Converter’s desktop version perks or rely on quick file processing with the online video converter.

Available for Windows and Mac.

A few tips before uploading a video on YouTube:

  • format – MP4 H.264
  • aspect ratio – 16:9
  • size – up to 2GB

All these parameters should be taken into account when shooting, editing, and saving the video. 


Sometimes a video file is too large to upload to social media or to store in the cloud. Also, due to its large size, the video may slow down when playing on a low-end device; it is problematic to transfer it from one computer to another. Its size should be changed to prevent the media file from taking up all the free space and quickly downloading to any service. A video compressor online will help you with this.

Among all, Clideo is also a video compression service. It offers many other video processing operations – cropping, rotating, merging, applying filters, scaling, and more. The video can be uploaded to the site from the Google Drive and Dropbox cloud by specifying a direct URL to it or from a computer. The video compressor supports a fairly huge number of video formats, both popular and rare. The compression itself is fully automatic. Not only can you compress video files online, but there is also an app available in the App Store.

A free version disadvantage is a watermark that will be applied to all Clideo-rendered videos. You will need to subscribe ($9 per month or $72 per year).


Stories have taken over social networks, so every blogger should have a good story maker. Unfold allows you to create Stories for Instagram and other social media with easy-to-use templates. Edit your photos and videos with ready-made filters and effects. You can use advanced video text tools with carefully selected fonts and styles. Unfold also provides convenient and easy export of your images for various platforms.

Available only for Apple’s users now. It is free with the ability of in-app purchases.


This animation maker is accessible on the web. This is an advantageous answer for the users who create visual media. With the help of this application, you may transform your video into great animated GIFs. Source video can be copied from your PC or phone or uploaded by URL. After conversion, you can choose the fragment of the video you need to cut, entering the beginning and end times. When nothing is chosen, the video converter will make a GIF from the initial five seconds of the whole video.

To sum up

The video editing process is difficult enough. However, it gets much easier with good video editing software. The programs above are aimed not only at professionals. Ordinary users who are very fond of making videos may use the software as well.

Making high-quality videos can be a challenge. But with the right tools and equipment, the process will go much faster. Try the video tools outlined in the article and assemble your perfect video editing collection. We are waiting for your fun, interesting, and useful content!

Featured Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay