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5 Compelling Reason Why Every Man Should Wear A Watch

The discerning gentleman of the 21st century should be wearing a watch. Period.

You may be forgiven to think that the traditional timepiece is slowly becoming obsolete, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and, latterly, fitness driven smartwatches too. You could even make the argument that these gadgets more than fulfill all the requirements of a classic wristwatch, in terms of practicality and functionality and perhaps also in terms of style. But you’d be missing the point.

A classic wristwatch is so much more than just a device for telling the time. And in case you thought they’d ever gone away, here’s a news flash: Watches are back – big time.

Here, watch-loving fashionista and freelance writer Liam Houghton – who works with engineering specialists App Eng – has compiled 5 compelling reasons why wearing a handsome watch is the mark of a true gentleman.

  1. Good Manners

A quick surreptitious glance at your stylish watch to check the time is one thing, but full-on rooting around in your pocket to find your smartphone for the same purpose, or worse, putting the device on the table next to you, is quite another. It’s all about attention and distraction. When you’re in the company of others, it should be a common courtesy to give them your undivided attention.

Ideally, a watch shouldn’t be worn at all when you don’t have to check the time. But neither should you have your phone on you, or at least not in plain view, and definitely switched to silent. It’s just not polite.

This goes for all significant events including romantic dates and important meetings. Checking the time shows that you have somewhere else (you want) to be and that you’re not prepared to give the person you’re currently with your full concentration.

While fishing around for your phone is just plain rude, it’s much easier to sneak a crafty sideways peek at the classic timepiece on your wrist if you must.

  1. Personal Style


Wearing a watch gives you the opportunity to express who you are; it’s a little piece of your unique personal style that you choose to put on display around your wrist. A wristwatch can speak volumes about your character, personality and material worth – no wonder many women take a close interest in a man’s watch (and shoes, for that matter) to assess his desirability as a potential partner.

Just as your style evolves through the years, your watch needs to be upgraded periodically as you age. A ‘young’ man’s watch on a mature gentleman looks comical, sloppy, and just a little bit desperate, wouldn’t you agree?

Interestingly, the coolest watches aren’t necessarily the gadgets ones. Style is timeless. Wearing an Apple Watch, Fitbit, Nike SportWatch or android powered watch may demonstrate that you’re up to date with the latest wearable technology – but how cool are they really?

For maximum individual style and timeless (sorry!) elegance, you can’t go wrong with a retro, vintage or plain old school timepiece on your wrist.

  1. Quality Craftsmanship


A classic wristwatch is a true feat of precision engineering, which deserves respect and appreciation. Wearing a quality watch is your way of acknowledging and supporting real craftsmanship.

This little engineering marvel has a history and tradition and is quite possibly handmade by artisans steeped in their craft and passionate about producing beautiful works of art. The more expensive the watch – led by classic luxury watchmakers such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Cartier, and the like – the more exquisitely it will have been manufactured.

All good wristwatches have a story to tell, and an eye-catching timepiece can be a great icebreaker that works in your favor. It’s a conversation waiting to happen that you won’t even have to initiate. Some watches elicit interest because of their design or heritage, others can be the beginning of a personal introduction.

  1. Lasting Value


A quality timepiece is not a commodity to be discarded at the whim of fashion. It’s an investment buy that may well accompany you throughout your entire life. While your wristwatch may start out as an expensive purchase or present, it will be imbued with sentimental value over the years that money just can’t buy.

Traditionally, watches were given as gifts on 18th birthdays, graduations, weddings or other meaningful life events. In that way, a wristwatch can be a keepsake that is with you all the time – it becomes part of your personal history.

More than that, a watch can also be the quintessential heirloom. Passed down from father to son, like in this heart warming Patek Philippe advert, the wristwatch embodies the timeless quality of parental love that we all crave.

  1. Time Keeping

Obviously, a watch tells the time – but the fact that you are wearing one also suggests that being on time is a quality that you value greatly. Forget about calling to check what time the meeting starts, or sending text updates of your ETA. Just be there, on time. It will be noted and appreciated.

In fact, watch wearers are scientifically proven to be more punctual and generally conscientious. Comparing watch wearers with nonwatch wearers in a recent controlled month-long study, psychologists David Ellis and Rob Jenkins found conclusively that one group had become noticeably more punctual by the end of the month.