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3 Watches That Every Man Should Wear

Even though we all have phones that can tell the time, the watch has made a major comeback as the must-have accessory for any fashionable guy. These days the wristwatch has very much become a redundant piece of technology, which is largely what makes it such a luxurious statement piece. When a dude is wearing a nice watch it says to everyone, “I have a clock in my pocket on my phone but I prefer to spend the extra money to wear a watch.” Jewelry can easily come off as overly flashy or gaudy, which is never the impression you want to give off, but an understated, well-made watch peeking out from the cuff of your suit jacket can say everything you need in a simple and elegant way.

In many ways the watch is the perfect accessory for a man and while the trend has been growing for some time, it’s starting to reach fever pitch with plenty of designers getting in on the trend. That said, just because you’re looking for a nice watch doesn’t mean you need to take out a second mortgage to get a Rolex or a Breitling, there are plenty of watchmakers offering perfectly fine pieces for reasonable prices. These are a few popular styles that no man should find their wrists without.

The Diver

Sometimes you want a watch that is big, bold, and sporty. This is especially true for larger men. That’s where the classic diver comes in. A diver is perfect for wearing to the gym, the beach, or dinner thanks to its tough construction and water resistance combined with sleek design. It’s also a popular enough style that there are plenty of models available in a variety of price points so you won’t have any trouble finding the one that’s right for you.

The Simple Leather Strap


It’s often said that less is more and when it comes to the minimalistic, leather strap that’s certainly true. We all know about Swiss watches when it comes to accessorising, but have you ever considered Swedish watches? There’s no question that Europeans know a thing or two about making a good timepiece and the ones coming out of Sweden are no exception. These watches boast a thoughtful juxtaposition of classic silhouettes combined with sensible Scandinavian design that are a perfect fit for every guy. The designer offers a wide variety of classic, leather banded watches that are perfect for both casual and more formal settings without necessarily breaking the bank.

The Smartwatch


We’d be amiss not to mention the smartwatch here. While the device may not have become the ubiquitous fashion item that Apple might have expected it’s still a useful and handy device that looks (and works) great. Even better, Apple recently released a Nike version of the watch that has been called the best reason yet for getting a smartwatch. Ideal for the tech-savvy fashionista or the guy on the go, a smartwatch is the perfect compliment to your iPhone and the technology behind them only keeps getting better.