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3 Good reasons to buy a Pocket Watch

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Pocket watches have traditionally been viewed as something of great sentimental value that might be passed down from grandfather, to father, to son and so on… However, there is a surprising resurgence of pocket watches in men’s fashion today and you couldn’t be blamed for being a little excited when you see just how many there are to choose from.  I found that Fob & Co have an amazing range that will compliment any style from traditional to contemporary and beyond.  Their collections include gold, silver, brass, full hunter and half hunter and two tone with black or white facing, roman or standard numerals, fully detailed with filigree finishes and designs or plain, solid cases.  The choice is vast – it’s a challenge to decide on your favourite.

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  1. Pocket watches look great. A pocket watch can really jazz up your look, whether formal or casual.  It can be very classy or it can be very cool, it just depends on the style you prefer.  When you wear a pocket watch you add extra style and it shows that you have put a little more care into your overall look.  People notice a pocket watch simply because not every man is wearing one, so you stand out from the crowd.
  2. Pocket watches are practical. They are not just another piece of jewellery, although it definitely adds bling; it’s actually a very practical item to have.  These days most of us carry a mobile phone so we can see the time on that.  That often means we don’t bother with a watch the way we once would have.  But, here is the catch.  The mobile phone is usually in our back pocket, or if we are wearing a suit, it’s on the inside pocket so that it’s more secure than the outside pocket.  Either way, there are some negative aspects to relying on the mobile phone.  If it’s in your back pocket, there is no disguising the fact that you are reaching for it – it’s pretty obvious.  If it’s in your inside jacket pocket you often need two hands to get it – one to hold your jacket open and one to retrieve the phone.  Again, not always a good look.  If it’s right there, on your vest, one hand is all it takes and you can keep looking straight ahead while you flip it open then take a quick glance to check the time.  And if you choose a pocket watch with a solid chain attached, you minimize the risk of losing it.  How often have you walked out of the house, office or some other location and accidentally left your phone behind?  That won’t happen with a pocket watch!
  3. Pocket watches are a great gift for any man’s special occasion. They aren’t large and awkward, they last a lifetime, they also make an unexpectedly luxury item to own and can be personally engraved with a name or date to mark the occasion.  Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive a beautifully boxed pocket watch?  It’s an increasingly popular way to thank your groomsmen or mark a milestone birthday or even gift a colleague.

When it comes to purchasing a pocket watch, you want to go for one that really portrays the personality of the wearer.  Choosing gold pocket watches will often please the more traditional type of person.  Gold pocket watches have always represented quality and certain degree of affluence.  Silver can be a subtler choice, while still having great style.   Black, brass and other tones will appeal to a more contemporary type of personality and often come in pretty cool designs for more a fun and funky look.  Whatever your choice, a pocket watch is a great buy for a man; it’s masculine, it will last and it can also have great sentimental value for generations to come.  Check them out – you are sure to be impressed!

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