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Subscribe To Bespoke Post And Stand Out From The Rest

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Subscription boxes are a phenomenon that have caught my eye and I recently came across a new subscription box for men called Bespoke Post. I have tried a few subscription boxes in the past so I decided to try Bespoke Post out and see if it’s something I would want to stick with!

The Bespoke Post subscription box is marketed as a monthly item that will improve the lives of men, shipping with leading fashion, grooming, food and beverage products and much more! That was the initial appeal for me with Bespoke Post: they were taking everything I already loved as a man, curating the leading brands and items in categories I love and promised to ship them to my door each month. Wow!

How Bespoke Post Works

Basically, Bespoke Post is a subscription service for men that charges a fee of $45 per box per month. At first this seemed a bit pricey to me, but the past Bespoke Post boxes caught my eye and it seemed like $45/month might be worth it.

It turns out Bespoke Post is a first of its kind in offering lifestyle products for men. By becoming a member of the prestigious Bespoke Post club, you receive the best news on upcoming brands and movements in men’s lifestyle.

After becoming a member, I also gained access to some really great discounts. Some of these discounted items include jackets, grooming, food, wine and other drinks. What makes Bespoke Post fascinating is the fact that besides getting to read the best stories and news on the brand items, you likewise get to receive these items in a box at a great price.

How To Order

Signing up was easy! Bespoke Post has its users fill out a quick quiz when they are signing up for the first subscription box. From the quiz, what Bespoke Post wants to know are simple things about you like; what you love, what your grooming styles are, if you have a beard, what your favourite foods and drinks are, whether or not you are a smoker and so on. This is the part of Bespoke Post that is really great: they use this information to tailor each box to your preferences!

After signing up, Bespoke Post forwarded me an email on the 1st of the month with details of the box items selected for me for that month, and that’s how it goes every month. You have five days to respond to the email and you can either accept their box suggestions, choose to skip the box for that month or swap it with another box in their collection. If you do not answer the email, Bespoke Post will assume, you accept their offer and will, therefore, ship the box to you without further communication. You can also choose to add a few more items in your box.

Contents Of The Box

The box, which is packaged and delivered fast to your address, is a branded typical cardboard box. There is a list of all the packaged items once you open the box and you can countercheck the actual items with what is on the list. The contents are all mostly grooming accessories, clothing, watches, drinks, travel and holiday brochures, courses and much more.

In A Nutshell

There is no doubt that once you subscribe to Bespoke Post, you get value for the subscription fee you pay. What is included in that box is of very high quality and sourced out from the best retail stores from all over the globe? If you are aspiring to be different, then you need value in a box.

Bespoke Post is always running discounts for new subscribers, we recommend visit the Bespoke Post page on CouponCause.com to find the most current promo codes so save on your subscription.