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Super Fun Outdoor Games for Summer

Transform your garden into the perfect outdoor space for summertime fun, and get everyone in the family involved to play some games that will get you active and laughing in no time. Some of the best fun outdoor games for summer are listed below, so give them a try the next time that you want to get your family active in the great outdoors or you’re planning a summer party outside.

Giant Beer Pong

Beer pong is a popular drinking game for adults, so leave the kids out of this game unless you want to play with non-alcoholic beverages. Basically, you want to take the game off the table and bring it onto the ground in front of you and then enlarge the entire game. And this works particularly well if you have artificial grass from Grono in your garden, as you will not need to worry about spilling any liquids and causing mud to form. All you have to do is set up some large buckets, or even some trash bins, and use a large rubber ball or volleyball in place of small cups and the ping pong ball of the traditional game.

Dodge Ball with Water Balloons


Playing dodge ball with a bunch of friends can be a lot of fun, but it could be difficult to do in the summer heat, when the temperature can be too uncomfortable and too dehydrating. So transform this kid favourite into a refreshing battle by using water balloons instead of a regular bouncy ball. Every time someone is hit, the water will splash on them, cooling them off and indicating to the rest of the players that they are indeed out for that round.

Water Balloon Darts


Do you enjoy playing darts? Then why not take this traditional game outside and play it using water balloons too? Rather than hitting a target on a dartboard, the goal would be to hit the water balloons and cause them to splash water everywhere. You can make different coloured balloons worth different amounts of points to increase the difficulty and the fun, and you can set up the balloon board on a tree or on your fence.

Capture the Flag: Glow in the Dark Version

Capture the flag is a fun game that you can play by day, but it can be made even more interesting if you play it at night and turn it into a glow in the dark activity. After all, cool summer nights are perfect for staying out late. Simply gather your friends and family and divide yourselves up into two teams. Then, in place of traditional flags, you can use glow sticks. Activate the sticks right before you’re ready to play so you can get the most life out of them.

These are just a few really fun outdoor games that you can enjoy this summer right in your own garden. Get the kids and your friends and family together so that you can get active and make lasting memories for an unforgettable summer together.

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