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Half Marathon Training Top 6 Tips

Half Marathon Training
Photo by Mārtiņš Zemlickis on Unsplash

Half Marathon Training Top 6 Tips

So you have made your mind to prepare for a half marathon? Well if you have, now you better get working out because it’s a long-distance and it will demand a lot of hard work. On the other hand, you have to train in such a way that it consumes all your life. A lot of beginners end up trying to fit into two training spectrum’s: first, where they commit too much to their half marathon training plan that they ignore their body and end up getting injured and the other one, where they don’t engage enough. The main thing is to find that sweet spot where one knows how much commitment they are going to need; if they get there, the finish line will be in front of them within no time.

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Photo by Mārtiņš Zemlickis on Unsplash

How should you train for your first marathon

The key to complete the half marathon training is consistency. If you want to be prepared for the marathon, you need to be consistent and put the effort in weekly. You have to make it a regular regime running for long periods. Not fast, just consistently. If you are a new runner, then you might want to start with 10 to 15 miles per week, increasing gradually to 25 to 30 miles. However, if an experienced person wants to train, they can start from 25 or more weeks per week.

Fuel yourself up

Running for such an extensive period requires a ton of vitality, so you should increase your caloric intake giving your body the fuel it needs for this demanding training.  When your on that 10th mile, your body will have the fule it needs to get through those last few miles.  When in doubt, plan to consume 150 to 200 calories for each hour of running. This implies we should eat or drink something each six or so miles. Some of the food that can be good for your run are parcels of nectar, jam beans, Swedish fish, essentially anything that gives you extra energy.

Walk and run method

Probably the most significant misinterpretation about preparing for your first half marathon race is that you have to run consistently from beginning to end. Rather than forcing yourself to run the entire distance leaving your body depleted, allow yourself some breaks by walking briskly at times to build up your endurance, this will allow you to complete the race. For example, during long runs, one can spend some of the time walking. Try running for nine minutes with one minute of walking to allow your body a quick break. Keeping up a decent pace and attempting to make progress gradually should be the goal of the day. Running too much will only make your body hurt and potential cause sever injuries. 

Keep all your records

When preparing for a half marathon, you should keep track of your run; you can easily keep count if you have a watch to record the time. Such gadgets can ease your life. When you are running, you should hang it around your neck; if it is uncomfortable, try a silicone wristband. You need to find a reliable yet affordable band so that it can be used throughout your training and on race day, 4inlanyards is the easiest way to find one. Keeping track of all your intervals, including rest time, all the exercises, and other measurements, is necessary, as it will help you obtain your ultimate goal of completing the race. 

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Divide the distance 

Running 13.1 miles can be genuinely overpowering, mainly if it’s your first time running. On particularly long runs (the ones more than 10 miles), you can divide them into little pieces, along these lines, for example, an 11-mile run would be one 5-mile run in addition to two 3-mile runs. In our head, it is significantly simpler in your mind over these shorter distances. This allows you not to feel overwhelmed by the long distance you need to run. This technique will help you build up to 13 miles with no problem. 

Let yourself rest

Many new runners think they have to run each and every day to train our body for the big race; this is not required. As we know, it is not easy on the body to run these distances every day with a break. You must give your body proper rest and stop when you feel that all the energy has been drained. You need to make sure that your training does not cause a stress injury and not be able to run on race day. 

Keep reminding yourself about your goal.

It doesn’t matter if the training period is for 18 weeks, preparing for a half marathon race requires a lot of time and energy. One of the things that can help keep you motivated is to keep reminding yourself of the primary goal. Once you decide this is what you want, your mind will stay the course. Our minds are powerful; if you choose this is what you want, your mind will help your body make it happen. This is one of the qualities that can differentiate an athlete from an ordinary person.

What should you eat or drink 

One of the most important questions about marathon preparation is what to eat while preparing for a half marathon? Well, the answer to this question is simple: food serves as a fuel to your body when you are preparing for a run. One should not experiment with new energy drinks or excess of caffeine as the body isn’t ready for so many changes at once. It might be bad for your health. To fuel your body, you need plenty of energy. Preparing for a marathon, you must stay hydrated. Drink plenty before your run and during, as well as after. One should have at least six to eight ounces of water before running, during the run, and after. If you follow these tips for preparing for your marathon success is within reach, good luck. 



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