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Go Under Par With These Glorious Golf Tips

Work On Your Drive

One of the biggest issues golfers have is that they take too many shots before they even land on the green. You can be the best putter at your club, but if you can’t drive properly, you’ll take ages to get within putting distance. So, work on your drive and start launching balls a lot further and closer to the hole. To do this, head to a driving range and spend a few hours working on your swing and hitting the ball with more power and direction. This comprehensive article that gives tips on how to break 90 in golf also goes over how working on your swing and practice are generally the best ways to getting better!

Use A Golf GPS

A golf GPS is a handy little gadget that will benefit players of all levels. Having said that, it’s especially useful for beginners looking to reduce their handicap. It works by tracking your location using GPS and showing you info on the course. This includes helping you see how far you have to the hole and any hazards that may be in your way. As you can see on sites like Golf Gear Geeks, there are plenty of these gadgets on the market. If you buy one, it can improve your game and get you firing under par every time.

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Find Clubs That Suit You

For a golfer, the clubs you use are everything. There are some people that brag they can play well with any club. However, even top pro golfers have a preference when it comes to playing with certain clubs. You should find ones that suit you and feel good in your hand. The putter is especially important, you need one with a good feel to it that allows you to guide the ball how you like. Make sure you shop around before picking a set of golf clubs to use all the time. Get comfortable with your equipment, and your score will soon improve.

Warm Up Before Playing

It’s amazing how many people neglect to warm up before playing a round of golf. It may not look like the most demanding sport, but you still have to warm up. Without a proper warm up, you won’t be able to hit your shots with as much power as you might like. This can cost you essential yards, and put you above par. What you should do is warm up your shoulders, and hit plenty of practice swings to get the blood flowing. Then, you’ll be in a much better position to hit the shots you want to hit. Plus, warming up prevents injuries, meaning your golf season won’t be cut short.

If you are just a beginner and are looking for golf tips for beginners. These helpful hints will give you an advantage in the game.

Take all these tips on board, and your pars will turn to eagles in no time at all. Pretty soon, you’ll be the king of the clubhouse, and everyone will be asking you for tips!

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