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What to Look for in a Product Liability Attorney?

Product Liability Attorney
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What to Look for in a Product Liability Attorney?

The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) collects about 400,000 product-related injury reports in the US every year. If a defective product has hurt you, you may want to talk to a product liability lawyer about pursuing legal action. 

Product Liability Attorney
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What Is Product Liability Negligence? 

Product liability negligence is when a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor puts a product in the commerce supply line with the improper design, manufacturing, or inadequate labeling. 

Tips to Hire a Product Liability Attorney

If you think it is time to hire an attorney, consider the following points as you talk to potential candidates: 

Go to a Free Consultation 

If you never met the attorney, they will probably offer you a complimentary consultation. This is your chance to talk about your product liability case. 

You also will have an opportunity to get a feel for the attorney, how they communicate, the questions they ask, and their general knowledge about product liability law. 

Ask About Other Cases 

A good product liability lawyer will discuss their successful track record. Ask which retailers, manufacturers, and designers they have faced. Make sure the attorney has extensive experience in product injury law and not just general personal injury. 

Determine Your Litigation Category

If you want to find a reasonable attorney fast, what category will your case be? There can be several causes for your lawsuit, but each will fit into one of these categories: 

Faulty Design 

The product design is why the product was harmful and defective — for example, a particular type of car may flip over during a hard turn. 

Defective Manufacturing

The creation, production, and/or assembly of the product caused the danger — for example, a vehicle that does not have brake pads, making it impossible to stop safely. 

Inadequate Safety Warnings

The manufacturer or designer did not warn of the possible product safety dangers, such as an electric espresso machine that does not have warnings about steam danger from the product. 

Why Hire a Product Liability Attorney? 

If you still are unsure if you should hire a product liability lawyer, consider these points: 

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The Consultation Is Free

When you talk to a personal injury attorney, there is no cost upfront. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning you only pay from any settlement or verdict they secure for you. 

You Do Not Pay if You Lose

There is no charge for legal fees if you lose the case. Again, you only pay if you obtain a settlement or verdict in your favor. Most attorneys charge a 33% contingency fee if the case is successful. Some may charge 40% if the case goes to trial. 

Experienced Negotiator

Most insurance companies offer victims settlements. But it is unwise to accept a quick payment from an insurance company. An experienced product liability accident injury lawyer wyoming attorney knows how to negotiate with the insurer to get you the maximum settlement. 

Helping Others 

If a product injures you, that company needs to be held responsible. Taking action against the defendant could prevent serious injuries in other people. 

Peace of mind

A defective product injury can be severe. You may be out of work for months. But you have to pay your medical bills, mortgage, and other bills. If you receive a substantial settlement, your financial worries are behind you, and now you can just focus on getting healthy again. 

If you believe that a product defect, design, or inadequate labeling injured you, it is wise to consult with a personal injury attorney skilled in product liability law. The attorney will explore all avenues to obtain a recovery for you, including negligence, breach of warranty, and strict liability.