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Lifestyle or A Magnet? A Few Reasons Why People Are Attracted to Florida

Lifestyle or A Magnet? A Few Reasons Why People Are Attracted to Florida
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We all love the Sunshine State. With so many activities, exciting, adventurous spots, and not to forget amazing food – Florida is indeed a hot commodity among people who thrive on adventure. As much of an awesome vacation destination Florida is, most of us think of moving there to experience a lifetime of fun and adventure. 

Thinking of moving to Florida? Don’t stress yourself with comparisons because we are here to make life a lot easier for you. This article will discuss some of the perks that will leave you craving more for a well-settled and well-established life in Florida. 

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Here are some amazing perks of settling in Florida apart from the vacation and holiday spots that the state is already popular for: 

Florida Is Extremely Diverse in Terms of Culture 

When it comes to cultural diversity, Florida is the supreme leader above everyone. You will find many different people living content and in the zone. Needless to say, racism and sexism are terms unknown to the majority of Florida residents. You will find that the Sunshine State residents belong to different religions, ethnic backgrounds, and sexuality. Over the years, many people have moved to Florida, so the diversity rates have only gone up. No wonder every other pedestrian in Florida has a different accent. If you want your family to experience a blend of races, ethnicities, and sexuality – Florida is your go-to place. 

Florida Weather Speaks Volumes About the City Vibe

Why do you think Florida is the best tourist destination of all time? Of course, the weather. It doesn’t just get the name Sunshine State for no reason. Florida has over 200 sunny and happy days that attract most people from cooler parts of the US. Despite the frequent rain showers (getting a bit of a London vibe here), the overall density of temperature remains warm. We do have cooler days, so the winters are milder and sometimes cold despite the hot and sunny summer days. When we say cold, we don’t mean a complete North Dakota vibe, but you experience a change in weather. Florida residents are more often seen outdoors exploring the state and its eccentrics, while others prefer staying indoors and warm. 

There Are Endless Entertainment Opportunities 

Scuba diving
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“I am bored” or “There’s nothing to do” are terms unknown to Floridians. There is a shortage of entertaining things that can be done in Florida. In fact, residents spend most of their time outdoors and enjoy their life as it comes. From water sports to eating out and experiencing the thriving nightlife, there is a lot that you can do. It might sound surprising but, if you are out every night, you still won’t cover the diverse amount of activities and fun offered by the state. Scuba diving, fishing, and nightclubs are the most favorite activities of the Floridian residents. In fact, with events being organized every day, you are more likely to get caught up in Florida’s entertaining lifestyle. 

People Don’t Pay Income Tax 

Oh, the perks of living in a tourist destination. The state has no payable income tax for the residents! If you are looking to save some money and get a bit ahead on your bills, consider settling in Florida. With the governmental policies being very strict about American residents’ income taxes, most people are unable to save a lot of money. Well, not Floridians. Why do you think they have fun almost ALL THE TIME? With no income taxes and healthy earning opportunities, Florida residents are certainly able to give themselves a lifestyle that we all wish for. Start looking for Davenport FL homes for sale and move at your earliest convenience. 

Florida Beaches Are What Bring People Together 

Clearwater, Florida beach
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It’s like you are in the cast of The Teen Beach Movie. Florida is indeed known for its sandy beaches with unmatchable facilities and sports. How often do you see a blond dude surfing his way as fall approaches in the entire country? Well, you won’t unless you are in Florida. These beaches are such a major part of people’s lives that most of the events, parties, and even weddings occur at the beach. Now, Floridian beaches are not just random old beaches. Ranked number one by Tripadvisor, most of them are immensely popular and have won awards. Clearwater Beach, Grayton Beach, and Pensacola Beach are just some of the examples of how awesome these beaches actually are. Many people live next to the beach, which is indeed a dream for most of us. 

Floridians Love Their Food and Drinks 

From delectable crabs to locally-brewed alcohol, the people here know what they are putting in their mouths. Now you must think that most of them just go by eating Mahi-Mahi tacos on the go but, that’s far from the truth. You will find plenty of dining options and clubs to enjoy a drink or two. Some of the best oranges, avocados, and watermelon are sent around the world from Florida. If you are looking for a fancy fruit bowl or need some nice shrimp pasta, it won’t be difficult to find them here in Florida. While you are looking for Davenport FL homes for sale, find out where they sell the best Cuban coffee, and you will never go back. 

Sports Culture of Florida Is Fierce 

Fortunately, surfing is not the only sport that the people of Florida enjoy. From city level to state level and even on the national level, some of the best sports teams are from Florida. With three football teams, two basketball and hockey teams, we can say that these people are as enthusiastic about sports as Irish are about their pint of whiskey. If you love sports and want to see live-action almost every week, Florida is calling you! 


Florida is worth settling in. There are so many perks of being a resident of the Sunshine State. Your life will transform with this culturally rich and diverse American state.