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The Gentleman’s Cellar: Why I Drink Rosé

The Gentleman's Cellar Why I Drink Rose
Image by Jill Wellington for Pixabay
The Gentlemans Cellar Why I Drink Rose 300x200 - The Gentleman's Cellar: Why I Drink Rosé
Image by Jill Wellington for Pixabay

There was  time when drinking a glass of wine was a far more casual prospect than it is today. Especially in the context of the most classic of summer meals, the picnic. The Hemingway-esque picnic we all hold dear in our hearts would in fact be a serious feat to pull off today. First of all, the streams of Burguete, or any tranquil getaway, are a hard setting to recreate in the urban park setting. You are probably facing a bit of a drive to arrive at such an unadulterated location. The sandwiches may still come on a selected bread and wrapped in wax paper, but that paper will likely proclaim the submarine sandwich corporate logo of choice. And when was the last time you made a deviled egg? If you do manage to find a nice spot to spread out and enjoy a nice dinner, opening wine in public brings with it a slew of issues to contend with. This whole process is hardly a way to clear the mind. If we can keep in mind the spirit of the picnic and not try to force the old stereotypes there is hope yet, however.

Blush wine or Rose 197x300 - The Gentleman's Cellar: Why I Drink Rosé
Photo by Krisztina Papp on Unsplash

Blush wine, or Rosé, or Pansy as its known in some corners of the world, may be the best way to simply enjoy wine as the beverage that it is. There are the pitfalls out there for the wine consumer(White Zin), but for the most part rosé is created to be a well rounded, easy drink. Sounds like a perfect remedy for a relaxing summer meal, and we can certainly learn a lesson from rosé during the rest of the year. Somewhere along the line wine has become much more than the mere liquid washing down our dinner, refreshing our palates for the next bite. Wine’s role at the table has been seriously bastardized from the traditional dinner accompaniment: it is very likely you are either drinking an overpriced treasure that will overshadow your dinner, or a cheap commodity wine that is completely processed and soul-less. Solid, well made rosé is very seldom either of those, and is pretty easy to find.

Every time I sit back with a glass of the pink stuff I’m forced to think about why I enjoy a glass of wine in the first place. When the beverage in our glass is not overtly sweet fruited, nor is it overblown in flavour, but is just wine, we are enjoying wine the way our grandfathers did. The “modern” man may tell you that drinking pink wine is for the other sex. This opinion however is completely counterintuitive to the practices of our forefathers, not to mention a confident man in any era. Drinking blush wine may help you rediscover the essence of the summer picnic and the purity of a meal eaten outside sitting on the ground. It certainly did for me.

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