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Seduction in the Kitchen – Cook like a Casanova

Combining the two sweetest things on earth – love and food – should be in everyone’s life experience. But sadly, the combination is not fully appreciated. If you as a gentleman look at dinner as the price you pay for love, you’re missing out. If you’ve dismissed the idea of preparing a feast for your lover as something Chipotle catering could do for you, leaving you free to make your moves, you’re likely to find yourself alone with no one to make the moves for.

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Cooking for love

If you’ve neglected your skill in food preparation, you’ve neglected one of the most powerful tools for winning the heart of the woman you love. But don’t despair. Cooking something great isn’t hard. Not really. Not with a little planning.

Plan the meal first. Buy all the ingredients and do as much preparation as you can before dinnertime. Some items are made for romance – champagne, oysters, caviar –  but very simple and less expensive options are just as delicious and effective when put together right.

Cook together

Make the preparation part of the foreplay. Invite her to help you put the finishing touches on the meal. You’re together in the kitchen, playing with food, making a bit of a mess. It’s a time for teasing, tasting, and touching. A glass of champagne or a light, dry white wine nearby will enhance the experience. There isn’t much that is more intimate than making food for each other together.

Set the mood

Eliminate all possible distractions by turning off your phone and your TV. Put on some soft, romantic music that is soothing, not distracting. Flowers on the table are never wrong. Light a candle or two and turn down the lights.

What to eat

Choose light foods for seduction. Heavy foods make a person drowsy and are not the best choice for a night of love-making. But there must be enough there to feel satisfied. Some easy choices are a tossed salad, soup, and baked or steamed vegetables. Chicken, beef, and pork are all easy entrees and can be prepared in a variety of interesting and delicious ways.

Chocolate for desert in any form – cake, pudding, ice cream topping – is always a winner.

Finger food

Food that can be handled adds a sensuous element to the whole experience. (Sean Connery always eats with his fingers and makes no apology.) This might include bread that can be dipped in a sauce, raw vegetables like broccoli, carrots, or bell peppers cut in handy slices, or strawberries begging to be dipped in thick chocolate.

What to drink

Wine is the go-to beverage for love and champagne is the queen of wines. Wine lowers inhibitions and enhances the enjoyment of food. What to drink is not so much the question as how much. Too much alcohol can hurt performance, make a person silly, maudlin, or just sick. Think of wine as more for tasting than drinking.

Nobody likes dealing with a sloppy drunk. And if lovemaking occurs under the influence and she changes her mind about the wisdom of her decision to spend the night… Well, you could find yourself on the Cosby show, if you catch my meaning.


Chocolate anything never fails to work as the perfect dessert. It doesn’t have to be huge, like a cake. In fact, several small variations of chocolates from a quality store on a plate will work just fine.

A little ice cream or sherbet also work for a light, delicious finale to a great meal. For flare – literally – pour a little brandy over the ice cream and light it on fire.

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