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Product Packaging: Adding value to your brand 

Product packaging
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Product Packaging: Adding value to your brand 

Packaging is one of the essential parts of your product branding and is more than just a means of getting your product from A to B. It’s your companies most valuable customer touch-point. Your packaging is an extension of your brand marketing and must be used in the most effective manner possible. Let’s walk through marketing 101 for creating premium packaging that elicits a feeling of quality and a premium brand to your customer, from building materials that make sense for your brand through the shipping process.

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Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

As a consumer, before purchasing a product, what’s the first thing you notice, its the packaging. If the packaging is not attractive, there is very little chance that a consumer will think about buying it. Packaging differentiates an average item from a premium looking item. Research has discovered that packaging is the single biggest reason someone choices one item over another. People have accepted that the look of the product and its packaging are what consumers notice first and react too. Based on the packaging, a consumer makes a mental evaluation of the product instantly, deciding if it a premium or average product. Due to this, companies have been spending large sums globally to make sure that their packaging is unique and attractive, conveying that the product is of the highest quality, even ifs its the exact same item. 

One of the most famous examples is that of Apple. Apple is one of the most prominent companies in the world, and its packing is sleek, simple, and with a polished look making consumers feel like they are getting an ultra-premium product. By just looking at the packaging of an Apple product, you can make out that the product inside will be of premium quality. Packaging not only promotes your products but also develops your brand. The use of specific colors as a theme for packaging is the best way to increase the visual appeal and promote your brand at the same time. Packaging adds glamour, increases trust in the brand, attracts customer’s attention. There are different types of things that one can add to the packaging of the product to make it look unique and appealing. Stickers, labels, bar codes, artworks, etc. all components that are regularly used by companies globally to make their unique identity as a brand through packaging. One such company called  The Label Factory provides all types of solutions to make your product packaging much more attractive and appealing. Let’s have a look at what your business can do to increase your brand awareness through packaging.

Packaging Should Explain the Product

The main aim of the packaging is to describe the product just with one look. The packaging of the product should be minimal and descriptive enough that a consumer gets to know about what the product is, only by looking at the box. Apart from that, packaging should have all the information listed that is necessary for the consumer to make a purchasing decision. All the details about the product should be clearly visible and easy enough to be understood.

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No matter what kind of product you are selling, unless the packaging is attractive, there is a very little chance that a customer will even look at the product. Packaging of a product should be beautiful, something that can hold the customer’s attention immediately. Using bright and contrasting colors to grab the consumer’s attention quickly.


Creating unique packing can set yourself apart, but make sure that the packaging strikes at your customer’s emotions. Marketing is about capturing someone’s emotions, having them select your product over another. You can go about creating in two different ways; you can hire a professional to design your packaging elements, or can do the design work yourself. If you choose to do the design work yourself, you can always work with the manufacturer to clean up your design and get valuable feedback from their experience. Whichever option you decide, you need to make sure that your packing is unique and stands apart from your competition. Most importantly, take the time and set a budget to do some testing of various design concepts to make sure you meet your packaging objectives. 

These are just a few reasons why a company should focus more on the packaging and other elements like labels, stickers, artwork, etc. Using an attractive design and packaging will leave a lasting impact in the minds of your customers whenever they think of your product. 

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