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Ottawa Catering – Selecting a Good Caterer in Bytown

Ottawa is a city bouncing with life and activity and nowhere is it reflected more than in its diverse range of food-based events. These include the upcoming Taco-fest (pretty self-explanatory), the Capital Sommelier Guild Spring Wine and Dine Evening and the Ottawa PoutineFest where a fantastic variety of excellent foods will be available from a large selection of vendors who are happy to cook or prepare your food to your preference. Moving away from events, we take a look at Ottawa catering and what you should be thinking about while planning your next food based event.

Budget is everything when selecting your caterer and there are a range of caterers in Ottawa who can offer you event based catering at extremely competitive prices. Remember to ask questions about deals such  discounts for larger guests and whether there is any difference in price depending on whether the event is based inside or out (remember how save the weather can be in old “Bytown”. Knowing your budget before you talk to a caterer is paramount if you want to retain control of the event right from the offset.

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Ottawan caterers are known for being on time (or so they would have you believe) so being clear on the start and end times of the event will be key to everything coming together as you wish. A typical Ottawan caterer will have an extremely full diary for most of the year as Ottawan people enjoy celebrating good food as much as any other culture.

Setting the atmosphere is obviously going to play a big part in the ultimate success or failure at your event and a good Ottawan caterer will have, or will have access to all the right table décor, cutlery and general eating equipment as defined by the event itself. However, be careful that you don’t lose control of your budget at this point by adding too many extras just for show.

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Staffing tends to be one of the major concerns of any host as without the right number of serving personnel an event can be absolute chaos. By the same token, if you overstaff your event, you will find that your wallet may be adversely effected. A good Ottawan caterer will pride themselves on knowing the right staff levels for the right event, so make sure you ask the right questions about the numbers needed to make sure your event goes off with a bang as opposed to going up with bang.

Before you dive into any contract though, be it in Ottawa or indeed anywhere in the world it’s worth remembering that there is absolutely no crime in doing your homework. Always be ready to compare prices and services of different catering outlets to ensure that you aren’t having the wool pulled over your eyes. There are many comparison services available online and caterers won’t be offended if you tell them you found a better deal. In fact it might be an idea to show them the details to see how much your custom actually means to them!

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