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Champagne For Non-Pretentious People

Champagne Toast
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Finally, A Champagne Brand For People Who Aren’t Pretentious or Stuffy

Champagne shouldn’t be a luxury enjoyed only by the rich and famous. Yet, one trip to a wine cellar and it becomes obvious that champagne is intended for a very specific audience. At COUP, they make champagne for For Non-Pretentious People, its made to enjoy.

COUP Champagne
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Until now

Enter COUP Champagne, a new craft champagne brand that’s turning the champagne world on its head.
COUP champagne has a singular goal: to become the champagne of choice for free spirits, creators, artists, rebels, musicians, and the unique at heart. That’s why every bottle of COUP champagne is personalized.
Founder Ryan Tu says, “ I created this brand to provoke and encourage everyone to shed expectations and be free to express themselves.”
COUP champagne is aged ten years and comes from only the best-harvested crops in the French wine country. And here’s the twist: the company ships direct from the cellars of  producers, bypassing layers of middlemen, in order to offer better value.

COUP Saber Collection

So, you want to open your bottle of champagne with a saber? No problem.
COUP Saber technology makes sabering champagne fun, easy, and safe, and returns connoisseurs to the days of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon allowed his soldiers to enjoy a glass of champagne on a regular basis, and this is how the technology of sabering champagne began.

Coup saber
Photo by COUPchampagne on COUPchampagne

Using a saber to open a bottle of champagne makes special occasions even more memorable.
In order to saber your COUP champagne, it should be placed upside down in an ice bucket until the champagne bottle is ice cold.
Next, remove the bottle and point the top away from you in an area that allows for the cork to travel where it may. Place a towel over your arm. Remove the wire cage by placing your thumb at the top of the bottle. Look for a seam in the bottle and turn the bottle toward you.
Using a saber as you would a golf swing toward the cork and with one swift motion, saber off the top of the bottle.
The top of the COUP Champagne bottle will be removed cleanly. COUP has patented the sabering technology to make it safe for any occasion, and a COUP saber is available for those who do not already own one.
Avid COUP Champagne lovers become experts at sabering their bottle of COUP Champagne in no time.
Birthdays, weddings, business launches, and holidays are always a cause for celebration. Why not celebrate with the hottest new champagne brand that was created for rule-breakers like you? Enjoy Champagne For Non-Pretentious People, yes that is you!
Featured Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay