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3 Different Styles of Engagement Rings

Different Styles of Engagement Rings
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3 Different Styles of Engagement Rings

When you consider the purchase of an engagement ring, it goes without saying that you’d want it to be perfect, especially since it signifies an important step in your life. Buying a ring can be intimidating, especially with the number of variables that need to be considered with the different styles of engagement rings. If you want to buy a bespoke ring, if you’re keen on searching out an ethical ring, what metal your ring is composed of, and more. This, along with the nervousness of popping the question, might send you looking for a guide to picking the perfect engagement ring.  

Different Styles of Engagement Rings
Photo by Kreated Media on Unsplash

There are many engagement rings available, and knowing the one you want is half the task. Here is a list of the most common styles of engagement rings available to help you with your decision.

Classic Rings

The classic engagement ring styles are the most common. You’ll find these in almost every jewelry shop you visit. Classic engagement rings are stylish and have been trendy for a long time. The most popular type of engagement ring in Montréal is usually classic by design. Some of the popular types of rings in this style are solitaire, three-stone, halo, and pavé. 

Solitaire can be considered the most popular type of engagement ring. It has a single diamond, which is usually set high so that it is highlighted. The three-stone type is a ring that boasts one central diamond with two smaller ones set on either side. Hidden halo engagement rings have a big central gemstone surrounded by smaller diamonds, producing a ‘halo.’ A pavé ring has a central gemstone surrounded by smaller diamonds set so closely together that hardly any of the metal of the ring is visible.

Vintage Rings

Blue diamond engagement ring
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Vintage engagement rings are known to be elaborate and beautifully detailed. They are usually decorated with designs like ribbons, loops, florals, and bows. Vintage rings also tend to use colored diamonds or other gemstones. 

Art deco inspired rings are from the late ’20s, and ‘30s when opulence was key. These rings have geometric shapes, fanned motifs, and angular cut stones, often with a bit of color. 

Victorian engagement rings are vintage jewelry that are from the late 19th century. The signature details of this period are statement stones and ornate metalwork.

Edwardian rings usually have floral clusters, oval-shaped settings, and delicate beading. Edwardian jewelry spans a short time of nine years, from 1901-1910. 

Colored Stone Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for a diamond ring with a splash of color, consider buying a colored diamond ring. Diamonds come in many different colors such as blue, yellow, pink, red, orange, green, purple, grey, and many more. You can go for an all-color ring or have a ring with colored diamonds surrounding a central white diamond.

If you want to stray from diamonds altogether, there are many other colored gemstone options available such as ruby, emerald, morganite, sapphires, and others.

These are some of the most popular broad categories of rings available. The rings can easily be bought online, or you can go into a jewelry shop and ask for the style that you think your special one would appreciate the most.