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Why should I become a driving instructor?

Why should I become a driving instructor?
Photo by Bas Peperzak on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a new career path, want to create a safer world, be your own boss, and love being part of the reason someone is smiling – then training to become a driving instructor might just be the path for you. 

There are many benefits of becoming a driving instructor, from job security to helping others – you could embark on a new career that you are fully in control of. To learn why you should train to be a driving instructor and help create safer roads for us all, read on. 


As you train, you’ll have the flexibility to schedule the tests and training around a schedule that works for you – meaning that you can work and earn money. In contrast, you train without spending years studying for a specialist degree or qualification. You can delve into something you’re passionate about in your own time frame. 

Be your own boss

Speaking of flexibility, being your own boss not only enables you to work the hours that suit you, but you can also build relationships with your own clients and take full control of your business. With the qualifications and certificates under your belt, you’ll be able to go anywhere and set up a business that you’re proud of, with a work-life balance that works for you.

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Job security 

People are always going to want to learn how to drive, and therefore undertaking driving instructor training will arm you with a unique, transferrable skill set that is always and will always be in demand. As your own boss – your job is in your own hands!

Potential to earn good money

The average driving lesson now costs £26, which means a driving instructor will earn an average of £30,000 – £35,000 annually. Not only this but the car you use to teach on can also be used for your own, personal use, so really only a fraction of what you earn will go back towards the additional costs of running and insuring the car for lessons. 


Forming a bond with a student is special, as everyone is unique, and it is your job to cater to their specific learning style to enable them to get the best out of their lessons. When that student achieves their dreams and can take off on the road by themselves – they will often think of you with gratitude for being the person that guided them towards this independence. The feeling you’ll get when they pass their test – or pass you on the road – is fantastic and will make your job so much more rewarding. 

Career options

Once you have trained as a driving instructor, you’ll be able to pick your hours – meaning that you could work full time, or take on a second job, help around the house, and even care for loved ones. You will also be the owner of some incredible transferable skills, so if you decide to change your career again, you’ll be a desirable colleague for many companies. You’ll also know how to manage your own business, which is a skill you’ll be more than thankful for should you wish to remain your own boss as you embark on something new. There are so many opportunities, and you are never stuck to one road, but becoming a driving instructor is definitely something that you will find extremely rewarding and opens many doors to your future. 

Featured Photo by Bas Peperzak on Unsplash