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The Ultimate Car For Comfort

Ok, so you’ve decided you are tired of running around in a car that’s just not comfortable. You feel cramped and sore in whatever you’re used to running around in up until now, and you want to make a change.

We are going to recommend for 2018 the Cadillac CTS Sedan, because it scores very high in all of the following categories crucial to car comfort:


Cars can induce a feeling of mild claustrophobia in many people. Comfortable cars are spacious, which goes a long way towards counteracting this. There’s not much more to say about this subject; it’s not rocket science! The bigger the car, the more comfortable it has the potential to be.


This the obvious one, and it’s certainly very important. The size, design, and materials of the seat must absolutely scream comfort in order for a car to be considered seriously comfortable in any meaningful way. Ideally it will be adjustable to perfection in several different dimensions, allowing for the most comfortable driving experience possible.


When we talk about the layout of the car, we are mainly referring to the ease with which you can reach everything you need to reach, without straining or reaching out too much.

A comfortable car will have a great design which allows you to drive in a super relaxed manner with great economy of motion.

Interior Quality:

Aside from the seating, a comfortable car has quality materials in the whole interior. This is often overlooked, but it’s actually a major factor.

Good quality materials in the interior reduces noise and vibrations from outside of the car and from the engine etc.

Tires And Rims:

People often think of rims as pure luxury, but in fact, they improve ride quality noticeably. Not only that, cars with good rims are safer to operate, and even get better fuel economy. They defintely handle better and more smoothly, which is our goal here.


Of course, we cannot forget the suspension. Without a good quality suspension, a formerly comfortable car turns into a little purgatory box every time you hit the slightest bump.

Comfortable cars will have very high quality shocks and springs. Some cars even come stock with gas shocks, which offer a noticeably better performance. When it comes to achieving ultimate car comfort, consider customizing your suspension with coilover springs.

So, there you have it. All of these factors combine to give you the best ride possibly. May your car rides always be comfortable.