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Top 3 Family Cars Available Right Now

Top 3 Family Cars
Photo by André Cuervo on Unsplash

Top 3 Family Cars Available Right Now

Looking for a new car for your family? If so, there are a few things you should be thinking about. Comfort is vital, of course, particularly if you are using it to travel a lot. You also want to have plenty of space for your kids – and their seats, buggies, toys and everything else that comes along with them.

Running costs are also a concern for the vast majority of families. With the average cost of raising a child somewhere close to £250,000, it’s a wise idea to cut costs wherever you can. So, going for a fuel efficient vehicle is going to help you reduce your running costs over the next ten years or so.

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Photo by André Cuervo on Unsplash

With all this in mind, we thought we would check out some of the best family cars on the market right now. The best, of course, unless you want to build one yourself. If you are looking to customise your own car, the first thing  to do is source the best car supplies. Elite direct supply a range of tyres from kumho.  However, if you don’t have the time and skills to make one, there are many new cars that will be perfect for your family’s lifestyle.  Let’s get stuck in straight away.

Audi A4 Hatchback

Audi’s A4 is a big car – even the saloon edition could handle everything the typical family could throw at it. However, we’ve gone for the hatchback model because it gives you that extra flexibility with boot space. The A4 isn’t cheap – far from it, in fact. But it’s a slick and stylish ride that can comfortably fit three child seats in the back. It’s also a good host for buggies, changing bags, and whatever else you need in the boot. There are plenty of features, too, which will help you keep your car in tip-top condition, and the kids entertained for longer drives.

Toyota Corolla Verso

For those looking more for value, then you need look no further than a Toyota Corolla Verso. Look hard enough, and you can get a newish model with hardly any miles on the clock for under ten grand. That’s not bad value at all for a car that has a five-star rating for safety from Euro NCAP – the guardians of European car safety. In fact, all of the larger Toyotas offer decent value. There are some pretty good deals for leasing, too – especially if you want your car for business use, as well as private use. Take a look at Toyota at Listers to see what’s on offer. The Corolla has excellent fuel consumption, although you’ll need to choose between petrol or diesel. The former is better for the stop-start nature of town and city driving. The latter, however, is more efficient for longer driving sessions on the motorways.

Ford B-Max

Most lists of any cars usually end up with a Ford in there, and it’s no different for our favourite family vehicles. It has 318 litres of space in the boot, and it has sliding doors – perfect for when you have a buggy in one hand and three other kids to get in safely and quickly. Again, you can find a good deal if you look around – we’ve seen two-year-old models for as little as £13,000. The Ford B-Max is one of the best family vehicles on the market right now. It’s reasonable for fuel efficiency, too.

So, there you have it. If you’re looking for a decent set of wheels with enough space for your family – and everything else that comes with it – then you can’t go far wrong. The Audi is, without a doubt, the best pick. But make no mistake – the Corolla and the B-Max aren’t just making up the numbers at all.


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