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This Is What Makes BMW The Best Car Brand

If you’re thinking about buying a new car, there’s only one brand we’d recommend, and that’s BMW. We would go as far to say that we think BMW is one of the best brands in the world. It’s more recognisable and reputable than Disney! That’s definitely saying something and it’s not the only reason why we think BMW is the best and only choice. Here are the facts you should think about that will help you see this is the right choice for you.

The Badge

If you like, you could see BMW as the Apple of the car world. Is it offering anything more than other car companies? BMW drivers might argue that it does while others would disagree. But what can’t be denied is the appeal of the badge. Like it or lump it, the BMW badge is associated with class and, more importantly, money. If you’re driving a BMW, you’re going to be noticed, and people will think that you are successful. You could have bought the car on a lease, and it’s still going to generate that effect. But that’s just one of the reasons why you should think about a BMW for your next car.

Going Green

Recently BMW has been pushing towards providing greener, environmentally friendly cars to the public. We think you’ll agree that they have certainly succeeded. Take the BMW I8 as an example. It is one of the most fuel efficient cars on the market and was one of the first hybrid super cars. At hundred and fifty thousand owners agree that it’s worth every penny. Or, if you want a model that suits your price range have a look at the BMW Series 3. This hot hatch get’s eighty miles to the gallon. That’s insane for a brand that prides itself on how fast they can make their cars go.

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One of the things that puts off buyers of BMW is the price tag, and we can’t exactly blame them. The brand can be quite costly. Particularly, if you’re looking to include all the bonuses in the car design like flappy paddle gear switches. But there’s good news on this front because BMW cars can be found for a lot cheaper than their typical price tag. Saxton 4×4 are selling the BMW X5 used for close to thirty grand. That’s a lot cheaper than the typical cost, and you’ll be buying from a reliable source. That’s why you shouldn’t stop your budget from you getting the car of your dreams.

The Style

While we admit that at least some of the price you’ll be paying is for the badge, you also need to think about style. Is there a more stylish car than a new BMW? We don’t think so and it’s not just about the body work either. The engine and every piece of the car are precisely engineered so that the car runs beautifully. Remember, when you buy a BMW you’re paying for reliability as well as a fashionable appeal.

We hope you see now that BMW is the best car brand for any buyer.

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