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Quick Car Checklist Guide

Has it been some time, maybe too much time, since you last maintained your trusty automobile? Maybe you love the car, but have been neglecting it, caught up in other things. That’s ok; it happens to the best of us, but we need to be reminded of how important it is. Here is a quick car checklist guide of things from MotorParks you should be checking out on your car every month or so:


  • Fluids, starting with the engine oil. Don’t let it go more than 3000 miles between changes. Even if it’s full and still clear, it gets gooey and sludgy. During harsh winters or if you have been driving in difficult conditions or on bad roads a lot, you can cut that down to 2500 or even 2000 miles. Also check the brake fluid, power steering fluid if necessary, and the windshield washer fluid. If you need to top up brake fluid, clean the area around where it goes in first, and don’t store the extra brake fluid; dispose of it.
  • Tires, make sure they are the right pressure and that they still have tread everywhere. Also check of uneven wear and tear. This could be a sign you need to adjust the axle or change out bad bearings, or get an alignment.
  • Suspension, push down hard on all four corners of the car and make sure it bounces back quickly. If not, get it worked on now before something snaps and leaves you with an un-driveable vehicle.
  • Lights, check all of them, including those annoying license plate lights in the back. Make sure they are all the right color too, sometimes the color can fade on them and leave you with a white light where there is supposed to be a yellow or red one.
  • Wipers, this is the most overlooked point. Honestly, if you haven’t done so, go out and buy a set of the best wipers money can buy; it won’t cost you more than $50, and you will be thankful for it next time it rains or snows. And replace them every year or so, or as soon as you notice the slightest rubbing or streaking.