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Pimp Your Ride: Is Customising Your Car a Good Idea?

Our cars are more than just transport to get from A to B. We spend a lot of time in them, a huge chunk of our money goes on running and maintaining them and we also want them to reflect our personal style. If you’ve been lusting after a certain kind of car for a while and have finally took the plunge and purchased it, you might be looking at ways you can stylise it a little and make it perfect for you. After all, it might be your dream car but a little personalisation can go a long way. But before you consider those tinted windows, lowered suspension and custom paint job, it might be worth having a think. Here are a couple of pros and cons to customising your car.

Pros: You Get The Exact Finish You Want

Your dream car might be perfect for you in every way, but perhaps the factory colours aren’t what you want. Or there might be some damage or scrapes to the paint when you bought the car. In this case, a custom paint job can seem like the ideal option. Perhaps you love everything about your car, but the interior fabric isn’t really your style, or you’ve seen something you prefer in another car. For this reason, spending money on having it reupholstered could be the way to go. You could have fallen in love with a classic car, but are worried by its lack of safety features and don’t like it’s lack of technology. If so, adding these things in could mean that you love everything about your vehicle and don’t feel like it’s letting you down in certain ways. Some people want to lessen the glare and give a sense of privacy by having their car windows tinted as most vehicles don’t come with it, so they go to a car window tinting Melbourne technician to get it done.

Cons: Your Car Insurance Might Go Up

Some car modifications will increase your car insurance, and you will also have to declare these to your insurer. If you’re a young or newer driver you’ll already be paying high prices just because you’re the demographic most likely to be involved in an incident. Search for cheap auto insurance quotes and run a couple of different options through to see what the price changes would likely be if you made changes. If they’re purely in the interest in style, the excessive insurance prices might not be worth it, and you could decide that you’d rather live with it as it is.

Pros: You’ll Stand Out From The Crowd

Modifying your car can make it stand out from the crowd. If this is your aim when you’re out driving, then customising will likely appeal to you. Cool, unusual paint colours or vinyl car wraps will turn heads, and could look absolutely awesome on certain kinds of cars. If you see your car as a style statement then making changes to it will make it look different to all of the other models out there. Depending on your budget, there are all kinds of things you can do to your car these days and you really can make it personal to you and make it a spectacular thing to look at.

Cons: It Might Be Harder to Sell

With this being said, a car that stands out from the crowd will likely be harder to sell. If you’re planning on selling later on then making lots of customizations could make things difficult for yourself. People generally like cars that are close to factory settings so it’s something to bear in mind. If you have no intention of ever selling your car and you’re in it with your vehicle for the long haul then go for it, make all of the changes you like! While customisations can be cool they’re just that- custom. What you love, the next person might not and it could put them off purchasing the car. Otherwise, you might find that you can’t get as good of a price for it as other similar models, even if you’ve spent a lot of money on the changes. If you think your style will change later down the line or that you might need to swap your car to something more family friendly later on, it’s something to consider.

Customising your car does come with pros and cons, be sure to weigh these up carefully before making any changes. With more extreme modifications can come big hikes with things like car insurance and so always check beforehand, or you could end up with a vehicle you can’t afford to maintain.

Have you made changes and customisations to your car? If so, what have you had done?