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Navigating the Hail Capital of the United States

Navigating the Hail Capital
Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Navigating the Hail Capital of the United States: Everything Homeowners Need to Know About Hail in Denver

Denver is a beautiful, engaging city. It’s full of vibrant locals, year-round activities, and scenic views. It’s also home to some reasonably temperamental weather. While Denver is sunny most of the time, that can change in mere minutes. From downpours to random hailstorms, you need to be prepared for all kinds of weather as a Denverite and how to Navigating the Hail Capital.

Navigating the Hail Capital
Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Unfortunately, as one of the United States’ hail hotspots, you need to be prepared for the damage it can do to your roof. Homeowners are often unprepared when a hailstorm wrecks their roof, so here’s what you need to know.

Assessing Damage

If you’ve experienced a recent heavy hailstorm, you need to assess the damage as soon as possible so you can stop anything from getting worse. If you notice missing shingles. Gutter damage, or any holes, you need to contact either your insurance company or a roofing company. Many Denver roofers service the entire Denver Metro area, including Fort Collins, and some even go as far as Colorado Springs and Boulder. Residential roof damage can be harder to spot if you’re living in a multi-level home. Work with your insurance company to learn more about filing an insurance claim.

This could take some time, and you may need to get familiar with the customer service department at the start. Your insurance adjuster can help you out as well. However, if you’d prefer to handle things without insurance or don’t possess homeowners’ insurance, you can go directly to a roofing contractor. This may help you reach better customer satisfaction.

Finding a Contractor

Finding the best roofing company in Denver is sometimes as simple as doing a Google search. However, with the number of roofing companies, Denver has, sifting through the results can take time. A good start is to look for a Denver roofing contractor that offers free roof inspections. Many roofing businesses have started to charge just for the inspection, and if you don’t end up choosing that company, the expenses can begin to add up.

Also, you’ll want to find a full-service roofing contractor. A commercial roofing contractor is typically focused on businesses and larger complexes and might not always do a great job with residential spaces. There are plenty of different subsets in the roofing industry, so it’s essential to find one that works with several types of roofs.


With any luck, the hail damage you’ve incurred doesn’t warrant serious repairs. However, if you don’t have a quality roof or it’s been a while since you’ve had a roof replacement, you may be looking at an entirely new roof. As you might suspect, a new roof can equal some major dollar signs. That’s why it’s important to budget well and be prepared for what your Denver roofers tell you after the inspection. If you have a flat roof, it may be easier for a Denver roofing company to repair. You’ll want to discuss all of the essentials with your Denver roofing contractor.

Depending on the Denver roofers you choose, and what your insurance company does and doesn’t cover, you may be able to finance some of your roof expenses. You’ll have to ask your Denver roofing contractor whether they offer payment plans or ongoing financing for roof repairs if it’s a larger project.

Hail can cause some incredibly unexpected damages. Luckily, the right Denver roofers can help, whether you have a flat roof, a tile roof, or even a metal one. Preparing for the Denver weather isn’t easy, but you can take steps in the aftermath.