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What is it about motorcycles that is so captivating? That makes the experience of riding so wonderfully invigorating? Janus Motorcycles are vintage motorcycles and was convinced that motorcycles, in order to provide the perfect ride, must not only be functional but also beautiful and well-made- perfectly fitted to their purpose. Motorcycles are not primarily about efficiency, but about an experience. Many manufacturers during the golden age of motoring took advantage of their small scale and flexibility to develop sophisticated, balanced machines and, at the same time, were able to acquire their power trains and transmissions from specialty manufacturers known for their quality and reliability. Like them, Janus Motorcycles found a great deal of satisfaction by bringing in proven specialty components and concentrating their attention on providing a superior chassis, a balanced riding position, and the highest levels of finish and quality. Apart from a few cast aluminum and electronic components, everything on their bikes is manufactured within about 20 miles of their Goshen, Indiana shop, allowing them to focus on the handling and high level of quality that are the hallmark of a Janus motorcycle.

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Architectural interests have led Janus Motorcycles to look for inspiration in the traditions of classical design. They approach their work as a special challenge: to achieve the clarity of form fostered by the best of small-scale manufacturing and to recapture the drama powered by movement though the American landscape. Janus is interested in the great machines made by their predecessors as models of concise beauty and terse simplicity. The bikes made in their small American factory aren’t replicas; they are contemporary, practical machines that celebrate the art of motorcycle design over the last century. The traditional and labor-intensive process of hand production permits Janus to recreate the endlessly rewarding connections between motorcycle form and rider experience.

The design and manufacturing process developed by Janus in northern Indiana involves small production runs focusing on the highest level of quality and performance. This approach mandates a motorcycle different from any others made today. The processes involved in the mass manufacture of most motorcycles dictate most aspects of their design. As a result, the industry is subservient to the lowest common denominator in marketing and cost. We aim, in contrast, to achieve the closest fit possible between the reality of manufacturing and the idea of design. The result is an ever-approaching-perfect correspondence between form and function. The Janus manufacturing process also guarantees a fundamental simplicity of operation and maintenance, making possible a closer relationship between rider and machine.


janus motorcycles

The spirit of motorcycling is best understood on a small, lightweight machine, like the majority of bikes produced over the course of the last century. The rider observes a more powerful sensation of speed and feels a more direct connection with both the road and the passing landscape than the occupants of automobiles or any of the heavier and higher-powered motorcycles common today. The experience of the road- acceleration and terrain- cannot be more directly experienced in any other way. Janus builds machines for men and women who love the freedom, joy, and mobility that a motorcycle allows, especially if they can work on them themselves. Janus would like to encourage a younger, broader generation of American riders and to achieve this by producing beautiful and practical small-displacement motorcycles.

The Janus Motorcycle lineup:

Halcyon 250 – The Halcyon 250 honors designs from American motorbiking’s golden age. A lean and long tank design, full-grain saddle seat, leading-link front suspension, and a powerful 250cc single-cylinder engine create a sense of connection with the motorcycle and road not found in any other production motorcycle today.

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Gryffin 250 –  NEW! The GRYFFIN 250 is a lightweight, controllable, simple scrambler. It’s powered appropriately for what dual-sport motorcycles are best at—joy rides through the country to your favorite dirt roads and trails, then back home on late-night zips through the city. Its size and power make it a welcome return to simple two-wheeled thrill-seeking for even the most seasoned of riders.

Phoenix 250 – Built with the cafè racer in mind, the PHOENIX 250 takes its styling cues from Grand Prix motorcycles of the 50s and 60s. Constructed around the signature Janus “featherbed” chassis, which was inspired by Norton Manxes of the 1950’s, the Phoenix is our take on a more aggressive look with a focus on handling and performance.