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What Makes BMW A Class Act Car

BMW is one of the top selling luxury car brands in the world. In the auto industry, everything comes in threes, and the luxury market is no different. BMW belongs to the Big Three of Luxury, regularly jostling with Mercedes-Benz and Lexus in the “Tier 1” category. Although Audi has been posing a challenge to these traditionally well-known luxury brands, they’ve yet to be dethroned thanks to a combination of great engineering and the status of their own legacy.

Quite simply, there is no vehicle like the BMW 7 for a gentleman of means. It’s known for high-quality both inside and out, a powerful engine with a calm drive inside. Because your car says so much about you, guys driving BMWs are encouraged to stick to traditionally elegant appearances, like black or silver paint, while some subtle, European-style customizations can also give your car a unique look while stayed toned down. Being a gentleman is all about understatement, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the power behind you. Or in this case, under the hood.

While most North American drivers don’t practice it, if you really want to complete the European look on a classic BMW, you can even go so far as to debadge it. Before you get outraged at the idea of debadging your world-renowned luxury car, Europeans regularly debadge luxury vehicles to play down the status card by removing the roundel. Nothing is classier than deliberately taking eyes away from the unmistakable icon, while fans will instantly recognize the car for what it really is.

Ready for luxury, but find the sticker price of a brand-new BMW to be a silly way to spend your hard-earned money? Unlike aficionados of some of its more brazen competitors, BMW is not the toy car of young joyriders without a head for business. You’re in a position to buy a BMW now because you’ve got a head on our shoulders – you understand how business works, you’re comfortable with your finances, and you know how to keep it that way. Buying a used BMW 7 is a smart move for the luxury car driver who knows how to spend his money. You aren’t buying a BMW for the new car smell, you’re buying it for the sumptuous cabin, the agile driving, and an engine with teeth. You get all that and more, with tens of thousands of dollars off the price, by buying used. You can save time finding the best deal by finding all the used BMWs in your area on a classified site. Not only do they have cars that are for sale by owner, dealerships regularly list their vehicles with detailed information, including mileage, features, and interior materials.

A BMW is a car you can drive away in with pride and style, but that doesn’t mean you need to be reckless with your bank account. Spend responsibly and still get the luxury and power you want in your car. BMW is an elegant brand for a man with confidence and wits.