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Luxury Cars Without the Luxury Fees: Utilizing Car Loans and the Internet

Luxury Cars Without the Luxury Fees
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Luxury Cars Without the Luxury Fees: Utilizing Car Loans and the Internet

Anyone with a passion for cars wants to have a luxury model at some point in their lives, whether it’s an executive saloon that looks great in the car park at work or a sports car that you’ve dreamed of owning since you were young with a poster taking pride of place on your wall. The problem is that for many of us the only chance of owning these types of cars is through taking out car loans or winning the lottery because luxury cars come with luxury price tags.

Brand new models fresh from the factory and bought directly from the dealership with no miles on the clock can cost tens of thousands of pounds and it can make your heart sink when you see the advert for the latest model only to then see the asking price at the end – especially when it says “from” a certain price and even that is two years’ salary!

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Fortunately you don’t have to give up on the dream just because a brand spanking new car comes with a price that you’re never going to afford on your own. The second-hand car market has taken something of a battering from petrol heads over the years because they believe it’s full of tired models that spend more time on the hard shoulder than hugging the apex, but in actual fact there are more and more amazing deals to be found on second-hand forecourts.

People who have bought brand new cars may have had them for several months until the novelty begins to wear off and repairs are needed. Being new cars, they need almost brand new parts and some of these might be custom-made because they’re so new mechanics across the country don’t have them yet – or you have to take the car back to the dealer specifically and they always charge much more anyway.

As a result they tend to sell the cars to cut their losses even if the depreciation gives them a bit of a shock. This means that you can now buy second-hand cars that have less than twelve months of driving on the clock at a snippet of the price. Even if it’s still a bit hefty, specialist car loans are available at much better rates than they used to come at so it’s now a much more viable option.

You can take out a car loan that enables you to pay off the cost of the car much quicker than you used to, and in a lot of cases at a much better rate than typical bank loans too!

Before you do commit to buying, it’s definitely worth utilizing the Internet to do your research. Other owners just like you now regularly take to social media and specialist blogs and forums to rant and rave about the most unreliable models and to praise those that have either pleasantly surprised them or lived up to their reputations.

This means that you can get the views of people just like you who are helping others with their buying choices rather than listening to the salesperson who is only interested in the commission available for a sale.

By reading the reviews you can get an excellent understand of the potential problems with a car which may have led to the original sale or part-exchange, and you can also learn things like where to get repairs done for a good price and the best place to get finance or a loan to help you to buy what might be the car of your dreams without the luxury price tag.

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