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A look inside the world’s best luxury caravans

When it comes to caravans, today’s luxury features have a habit of becoming tomorrow’s standard fixtures. As such, a closer look at some of the most stunning caravans across the globe can give us clues on what we might be able to expect in more mainstream models in years to come.

So what can you expect to find if you’re working with a big budget? Here are some of our favorites…

The Caravisio

A cool £500,000 could very soon buy you the Caravisio, conceived and then built as a prototype by German designer, Knaus Tabbert. Intended to give the feel of a luxury yacht in an all-terrain caravan, the Caravisio is 9m long and 2.5m wide. The space age contouring is designed to make the unit as aerodynamic as possible, but when it’s time to pitch up, all it takes is a push of a button for the caravan to open up, giving you an amazing outdoor terrace.

Heating, lighting, and sound can all be controlled via a mobile or tablet. The dual-panel sliding door, meanwhile, can become see-through with a push of a button, while the window can be converted into a cinema screen thanks to an inbuilt ceiling beamer. The kitchen boasts a Ceran glass ceramic stove and retractable water fittings, while adaptable back rests mean that the impeccably upholstered lounge can be transformed into a workstation. Do you find it tough to get comfortable at night in your caravan? This model incorporates a Froli bed system with adjustable degrees of hardness. There’s even a wine cooler controlled by the air conditioning.

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For now, this is essentially an out-of-reach prototype, but it’s easy to imagine some of Caravisio’s features making their presence felt in the wider market in the near future. For instance, biometric fingerprint locks can’t be that far away, while mobile-controlled appliances are already becoming a feature in regular homes – so why not caravans?

(Image via http://www.caravisio.com/)

The Airstream Land Yacht


Airstream has been crafting travel trailers for over 80 years – and when this illustrious name in tourers aims to deliver luxury, it rarely fails to hit the mark. Like the Caravisio, the aim of the Land Yacht is to create that maritime elegance feel. The big difference, however, is that this unit is a reality rather than a concept model – and is available for a little under $150,000 (USD). With a sleeping capacity of up to six people, the Land Yacht is designed to make the most of every available inch while still somehow finding room for a 60”x75” queen bed, a separate shower room, and a generous wardrobe, among other delights.

Timeless elegance is in evidence throughout the vehicle; quality and attention to detail on such features as the upholstery and cabinetry are a result of the collaboration between Airstream and Italian yacht designer Mauro Micheli. It’s just a shame that at 8.5 meters long, the Land Yacht is not likely to ever be seen touring the roads of the UK.

(Image via https://www.airstream.com/)

Kabe Royal Tower


Swedish manufacturers, Kabe don’t do luxury by halves. Their current top-of-the-range model, the Hacienda is 10.37m long and promises a home away from home experience. A few years ago though, Kabe went a step further with its double decker Royal Tower model. The unit was 11m in length and boasted its very own balcony/sunbathing terrace, dishwasher, full surround sound and of course, a luxury first floor bedroom. At 4.4 metres high, it wasn’t the most practical of units, though.

(Image via http://www.kabe.se/)

Your next caravan?

To explore what’s out there, use a new caravan selector tool to get an instant lowdown on the best units on the market. Did you know for example that for a little over £31,000 you could get your hands on the Buccaneer Clipper? Winner of this year’s Best Luxury Caravan title at The National Caravan Awards, big plus points of this stunning unit include underfloor heating, a huge fridge/freezer and a touch-of-a-button levelling system.

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