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Little Ways to Personalize Your Car

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Ways to Personalize Your Car

Women (though not all) tend to look to a car for nothing more than its purpose – to get you from one point to another. For many guys, however, your ride is your baby. Your car is your statement piece. This is why lots of men spend thousands of dollars investing in the performance and personalization of their cars. Lets find out the many ways you can personalize your car. 

If you’re interested in personalizing your car, you may be wondering where you’ll find the money to do so. While there are some extravagant upgrades and features you could add to your car that cost a ton of money, there are also a lot of little things you can do to personalize your ride on a budget. Check out this list of suggestions below: 

Car Fresheners

Not everyone is fond of the new car smell. Not to mention, after a while, it wears off. A cheap tip to keep your car smelling it’s best is to use car fresheners. They have the old-school scented trees you can hang from your rear-view mirror. There are also oils, diffuses, sprays, and clip-on fragrance devices that you can use as well. These tend to have a stronger impact and last longer than the old evergreen trees. 

Personalized Plates

If your looking to personalize your vehicle, a quick and affordable way would be to purchase some private number plates or personalized license plates. These are uniquely designed to add a sense of originality to your car. You can get a special number, add your initials, a favorite phrase, or your entire name. This way, people know whose car it is right away. 

Seat Covers

Whether you want to modernize your old car, or simply enhance the look of a new car, try covering your seats for a fresh, affordable investment that will help your car stand out. You can change cloth seats to leather or switch up the entire color of your car’s interior. They have seat cover options for just about every make and model so, when you’re searching for the ideal covers, be sure to read the label or ask a sales associate if they will accommodate your seating. 

Floor Mats & Carpet Die

Have you found car seat covers you’d like to add to your ride, but believe it won’t match the rest of the car’s interior? That’s not an issue. For less than $100, you can get floor mats and carpet die. Use the die to change the carpets to a color that matches the covers and mats you’ve chosen. Keep in mind that going darker on lighter carpet colors is often easier than trying to lighten a dark carpet. 

Car Rims
Photo by Tim Meyer on Unsplash

New Rims

One of the first things that people see on a car are the wheels. If you’re looking to personalize your car, purchase some more eye-catching rims for the wheels. They come in various metal types and just about any color you could imagine. There are also features from lighting up or glowing in the dark to spinning and sparkling; you have a lot of options to make your car stand out. Keep in mind, however, the larger the rim is and the more advanced it is, the more it is going to cost you. 


The advancement of technology for cars has come a long way. From safety to entertainment to tuning boxes, there are always new features installed in newer models that make every car owner green with envy. The great thing about it, however, is that there are several forms of technology you could install in your car to make it feel more like your own. You can install a hands-free calling system, reverse cameras for safer driving, a more advanced radio, and much more. 

Car Organizers

Whether you have children or you have a career that calls for you to live in your car, adding organizers can keep things neat. They have organizers that are very affordable and easily attach to the back of the driver and front passenger seat. You can put your or your kid’s toys you bought from online stores like Toynk, tech devices like tablets, paperwork, pens, pencils, and anything else you need to have in the car on a regular basis, so things aren’t so cluttered.

You worked hard to get your ride. You work hard to keep it operating efficiently. It’s only right that you be allowed to make small investments into your ride to make it feel more like your own. The above-mentioned suggestions are easy to access and install in your car to make it stand out.