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Why Should You Invest In GPS Vehicle Tracking Programs?

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Are you looking for a powerful vehicle tracking software? You might have already got the tracker device for your car and now need software to get you detailed reports on the tracked data. Well, there is no dearth of vehicle tracking software systems in the market, but not all would be able to assure you the desired premium function. Now, when it comes to something about your car, you certainly can’t compromise with quality. If you follow the experts, Vehicle tracking system from GPSWOX is a major preference of the GPS tracker users worldwide. GPSWOX is one of the most renowned GPS tracking & fleet management companies catering to more than 60,000 clients all across the globe.

Let’s check the primary reasons behind such high-end popularity of GPSWOX vehicle tracking software system.

Comprehensive Tracking Features

The GPSWOX system is carefully engineered with a comprehensive series of tracking features to enable the users to make the most of the program.

  • Real-time tracking

First, it assures a superior real-time tracking of your vehicle (exact address), so that you can have the most precise idea of the car’s location at that very time. Added to location, the system will also inform you about many other important aspects- like the speed limit, distance traveled, petrol consumption, etc. Moreover, you can set Points of Interest here (bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.) and will get instant notifications as the car enters or exists any of the POIs.

  • Geo-fencing

The system enables the user to set boundaries around particular areas and you would be immediately notified if the car enters or exists from the designated boundaries.

  • Detailed history and reports

The program offers a detailed travel history of the vehicle and elaborate structured report on the tracked data. You can view the reports in various popular formats such as PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV, etc. The reports will provide you with different categorical and useful data including stop-overs, driving hours, fuel consumption, etc. The best thing is that it would transform the complicated data into easily legible visual layouts like graphs, charts, maps, etc.

  • SOS alert

You will receive immediate SOS alert if your vehicle gets stolen.

  • Mobile app available

GPSWOX allows its users to download its mobile app on their smartphones (Android, iPhone & Windows) to help with real-time online tracking on the go.

Both Personal & Professional Uses

GPSWOX vehicle tracking software is applicable for both personal and business uses. So, whether you want to keep a tab on your teenage kids or your fleet drivers – the program will work wonders for everything. Regarding business use, the software works well for just about any industry.


Compatible with Most GPS Trackers

The GPSWOX vehicle tracking software system is easily compatible with as many as 400+ GPS tracker devices. As the company serves globally, it is able to work with any GPS tracker manufactured almost anywhere in the world.

Multilingual Support

GPSWOX is an international company and hence, its vehicle tracking software program comes with support for as many as 20 languages. From Arabic to Spanish to Finnish to Azerbaijan – the system will provide a report in almost any language.

Permits Various Sensors

GPSWOX tracking system takes monitoring to an even more advanced level by enabling users to add sensors. You can add a wide number of sensors such as odometer, ignition, battery, fuel level, RMP and many such more!

Secured Server

The company hosts its software on its own secured server and has assured a superior 99.99 percent uptime guarantee. Thus, you will never miss out on any notification of your tracked car or fleet.


The GPSWOX vehicle tracking software is extremely convenient to use. After you’ve registered, you can start off with your fleet tracking in just 4 minutes!

Lowest Price Guaranteed

The company has guaranteed to keep the lowest price for the software in the market to ensure highly affordable user experience. Moreover, there is a wide range of plans to choose from as per your budget and necessity.

Free Trial

You can always check out the basic functionalities of the software before investing your hard-earned money into it.

Finally, GPSWOX does not have any rigidly binding contracts. You have the freedom to cancel or upgrade your subscription anytime.


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