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Here’s How You Judge a Man by His Car

Judge a Man by His Car

Men have been obsessed with cars since they were invented. Any man can tell you that his first love has always been his car. Have you wondered why are men so fascinated by cars? Maybe because of the speed, stylish look, comfort, etc., but my main guess is that men are wired in such a way to love anything related to automobiles and machines, in short anything that has nuts and bolts. Another reason a man loves car is the social status that comes along by owning a high-end car.

A car is meant to be the primary mode of transport but for a man, it is more than that. A man treats his car like his baby, he gets possessive and protective. With the car being such an important aspect in a man’s life, let us understand what exactly a car speaks about a man’s personality.

The Type of Car He Drives:

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Small Cars or Hatchbacks:

This man is mainly concerned about getting from one place to another and thinks about practical issues such as parking space, being Eco-friendly, easy to drive in the city, etc. Such cars are driven by men who are more into money saving and do not have a large family. Many men who own SUV’s or luxury cars and can afford to keep more than one car, buy such small cars for easy mobility on a daily basis.

Mid-Sized Cars:

Usually, men who have a big family with kids drive such mid-sized cars like a minivan or a station wagon. They are not concerned about their image, all they care about is the safety of their family at an affordable price.

SUV’s, Pick-up Trucks:

These are heavy-duty cars which men who love to travel drive. These men are usually ruggedwho love adventures and road trips

Luxury Cars:

A man who owns a luxury car definitely is someone who has achieved a lot in his life and wants to show off his social status. Either he has lots of ancestral money or belongs to the upper-class category of society. Such men are portrayed as sophisticated, rich and someone with a refined taste.

Sports Car:

The owner of a sports car is not only wealthy but also has a taste for speed. Usually, younger and immature men buy such flashy cars. Matured men incline towards buying a luxury car instead.

The Longer He Drives the same Car:

If a man keeps changing his car quite often, then it is for sure that he is a player who believes in show-off. Also, he is not attached to anything for too long. Whereas a man who owns a decent car for about 10 years is a keeper because he has class, knows how to take care of his belongings and is attached to them as well.

The Way he Maintains his Car:

The way a man maintains his car says a lot about him. If he keeps his car unclean and shabby, it means that he is a lazy person who is not too attached to his belongings. It also reflects how unsystematic this man is. If you find a man who cleans his car on a regular basis and keeps it spotless, then you can conclude that he is a perfectionist who loves his car. Such a man gets attached easily, is consistent and very systematic.

The Right Car for any Man:

Every man wants to own an expensive and luxurious car but not all men can afford such cars. The most important thing is that a man should drive a car which fits his lifestyle and if you think you are driving the wrong type of car,it is advisable and extremely easy selling a car privately for cash and with that capital, you can get yourself a brand new car as per your style and taste.

While the main purpose of a car is to take you from one point to another, do not forget how a car can have a strong impact on your image.

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