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How Can I Pass My Driving Test in Dubai?

How Can I Pass My Driving Test in Dubai?
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Getting a driving license in Dubai is not that hard as you have been told. Many new drivers complain about clearing the RTA driving test as, according to them, it is very daunting. Well, that’s not true, and this information is quite misleading. Getting a driving license is not as hard as it sounds to be. You just need to do a little bit of preparation and patience. 

Clearing your driving test in UAE comes with many perks, and it can be used in more than 50 countries. Along with that, you will be considered as a certified and pro driver in different countries, and you can get a rental or personal car in any other country using your Dubai license. Moreover, it also increases your chances to get work in UAE. 

In this blog, we will provide you complete guidelines to pass your driving test in Dubai. Also, if you are in Dubai, you need to show your international driver’s license to avail of car rental deals services. 

Table of content

  • Who is eligible to get a Dubai driving License?
  • The procedure of Dubai Driving License
  • Things to consider while Dubai driving test
  • Conclusion

Who is eligible to get a Dubai driving License?

Anyone who is 18 or above can apply for a driving license in Dubai, and people between 18 to 21 can qualify for a probationary driving license. It is then submitted in the Arabic language on the road and traffic authority website. You can get the services of Dubai driving schools for this purpose. The RTA website will issue a temporary license that you can use while learning. 

The procedure of Dubai Driving License

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to know the complete procedure of getting a driving license. 

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  • Get your eye test done as it can be carried out at your driving school or an optician center.
  • Get registered to the RTA approved driving school and submit the relevant documents
  • Get your temporary license when you start getting training.
  • Complete all theory classes online or in class and pass that test for practical learning.
  • Complete practical training and go for internal assessment.
  • After that, complete the highway and city road classes.
  • Pass the internal parking test and then apply for the RTA test.
  • Pass the final internal road test. 
  • Get your license

Note: In case of failure, you have to get seven more training classes before appearing for the retest.

Things to consider while Dubai driving test

How Can I Pass My Driving Test in Dubai?
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You need to follow the below-mentioned tips for the Dubai driving test. 

1- Wear proper clothes: To make the right impression on the examiner, make sure to dress properly. Wear clothes that make you look decent and smart. 

2- Don’t ask unnecessary questions: Don’t dare to ask the examiner questions and do what your examiner asks you to do. 

3- Focus on Small details: Your examiner is watching you the entire time, so keep focus and pay attention to the small things like adjusting your mirror, seat, etc.

4- Drive on Appropriate Speed: Try to maintain a decent speed as it matters a lot as the examiner is watching you and your facial expressions. 

5- Stay calm: Don’t get nervous during your test and try to stay calm. Drive your car with confidence. 

6- Focus on Handbrake: Check the handbrake before starting your car and pull it upwards before starting a vehicle. 

7- Be conscious on the main road: Driving on the main road can be fatal, so make sure to check your side mirrors and check the blindspots. 

8- Maintain distance with the front vehicle: You must be aware of the two-second rule as it states that you have to keep the distance of 2 seconds between your car and the car in front of you. 

Check your mirror
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9- Check mirror before changing lane: If you want to change your lane, make sure to check the side mirrors and blind spots. Also, use your indicators while changing a lane.

10- Parking: You may be asked to park your car in a test, so make sure to park your car in the appropriate area or at the designated parking spot. 

11- Focus on blindspot: You need to focus on any blind spot in your way as the examiner will examine every small detail.

12- Avoid Overtaking: Don’t try to overtake other vehicles on the road during your test. In case you have to overtake a vehicle, follow all the rules and precautions while doing so. Also, speed up your vehicle after overtaking to avoid inconvenience. 

13- Pay attention to what the examiner says: Examiner will be sitting with you on the passenger seat so pay attention to his/her orders. 

14- Use Brakes with care: During your test, take it easy to the brakes and don’t apply hard. It doesn’t only make your examiner uncomfortable, but also the vehicles behind that are after your car.

15- Drive confidently: Last but not least, Drive with confidence. Stay calm and control your vehicle in the best way to impress your examiner. 

Note: Also, pay attention to the details like U-turns, slow down, indicators usage, etc.


We have discussed everything you need to know for clearing your RTA driving test in Dubai. We recommend you pass that test, especially if you are a UAE resident, to get the most benefits and jobs. Foreigners have to bring their international driving license to get a rental car in the UAE. People from the USA, Canada, and European countries can make their national driving license work in Dubai. 

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