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Getting Good Sound For Your Car

You’re cruising down the highway when suddenly this guy comes blasting down with Aerosmith. Or you are driving into a parking lot and can’t get a spot because a bunch of kids is having an instant party around a parked Volkswagen blaring Rhianna or KPop.

Look, just because you like Helene Fischer or Unheilig doesn’t mean you can’t have subwoofers for car. Just because you dig the Beatles, Enya or The Corrs doesn’t mean subwoofers are a no-no.

You can have a great sound!

Great sound for a car can cost as low as $100 to as high as several thousand, depending on the work and the cost and types of audio systems and subwoofers. Subwoofers for car brands differ in quality and make and can cost as low as $40 to as high as $300.  Try looking at a retailer like Big Jeff Audio to see your options!

But the price is not the only factor.

Here is what you need to consider to get great sounds for your car:

  • The amplifier
  • The subwoofers for the car brand, make, and model


The amplifier is the heart of everything. You may have a good audio component and great speakers, but if your amplifier sucks, the sound you get will be tinny, echoing, and when you crank up the volume, may squeak or garble.

Bad choice!

Here’s a tip. If you want an amplifier that just powers your car’s subwoofers, go to single-channel or monobloc. Choose a dual channel if you want to add your speakers. But if you want your car’s audio component to sound crisper, select multi-channel amplifiers.

You can get a good brand like Kenwood, Pioneer, JL Audio, Pyle, MTX, Rockford, Kicker, Alpine or Sony for as low as $200.


The subwoofer for the car brand or model you pick is the most important thing next to an amplifier. There are a ton of brands out there, but if you want something that’s already tried and tested, you should install Kicker subwoofers in your car since they’re built for performance and heavy-duty use. You can choose subwoofers to integrate with existing ones already built in your car or choose to replace and upgrade those entirely.

Car subwoofers make the difference between great and simply good sounds. These may be small but these give music depth and realism regardless if it’s rock, classic, pop, or opera.

The best subwoofers for car brands are those that are compact but produce echo-free, crisp, crystal clear audio. Whether the volume is loud or soft, a really good subwoofer must reproduce sound with pristine quality. JL Audio, MTX, Power Acoustik, Rockford Fosgate, Polk Audio, Pioneer, Kicker, and Infinity subwoofers have constantly been on the top ten best brands for 2016 and 2017. JL Audio, in particular, has been on the list since 2014 and so have Pioneer and MTX!

Getting great sound is really easy! It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be custom-built. It simply is a matter of making the right choice.